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    Get More Out of Your Smartphone With These Ideas

    Your smartphone can probably do more than you currently give it credit for. Most people don’t make the most of every feature and every function that their phone offers, and they don’t even realise that this is happening. The number of unexpectedly cool things you can do with your phone will blow you away, and these functions could even make your day to day life easier than it is right now. Here are just some of the ideas you should try out. Get a Clip-On Lens Everybody’s a photographer nowadays thanks to the high quality of the cameras that are found on pretty much every smartphone. But you can get…

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    Video Games

    A Primer on Online Gaming & Its Steady Growth Through the Years

    The 80’s brought us the golden age of arcade gaming where youngsters would find themselves buying tokens to play games on large gaming machines. The 90’s brought a more evolved form of home entertainment in the form of the Nintendo home system. By early 2000s, there were various handheld gaming devices and consoles as well as PC gaming. In the current era, even your smartphone can process moderately high graphics for HD gaming. However, the champion of the modern gaming scene belongs to online gaming – here’s why. Fiber Connectivity lead to Uninterrupted Online Gaming The 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s lacked the power of fiber bandwidth. This meant online…

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    A Platforming Action Game on iPhone: Mutant Mudds

    Mutant Mudds by Renegade Kid is an oddity. It’s tricky to balance control features and gameplay action right with platform games on the iOS. You’ll usually have horrible controls, or great controls and no real gaming to speak of. They’ve done a pretty good job with both this time around. What are Mutant Mudds? These aren’t your typical aliens. Looking like gelatinous muddy blobs, they have come to Earth to destroy the TV watching fun of the character Max and his grandma. This doesn’t go down well as Max grabs his jetpack and water cannon to take them out. This was intended to be released as a Nintendo 3DS game, so the controls are button-type. It’s…

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    Top Apps for iPhone: What Games Should You Be Playing?

    The new iPhone has some great new features that are perfect for gaming. The new screen allows almost an additional 2″ of visibility which takes the already impressive device and makes it even better. The latest installment of the iOS has the capability to help show off the amazing graphics that some of these game developers have worked so hard to perfect. The new iPhone really gives the gaming consoles a run for their money. Below is a list of the top 5 games that are available for the iPhone, and you do not want to miss out playing. 1. Slingshot Racing For the low price of only $1 you…