• Millennials

    Millennials Are Coming Into Leadership

    Ever since the term “millennial” began coming up in workplace conversations, organizations have struggled with how to define and adapt to this disruptive new addition to the workforce. Nevertheless, members of this generation have come of age, and the businesses that employ them are doing alright — in fact, some of those businesses are even beginning to promote these millennials into leadership and management positions. Larry Alton, writing for Forbes, believes that these millennials are indeed prepared to take on leadership roles. He lists three main reasons: Age and experience: Alton cites HBR to show that the average age of first time managers is 30. He also cites Pew Research…

  • Millenials Internet Addiction

    5 Ways Millennials Are Different Because Of The Internet

    The millennial generation, otherwise known as “Generation Y,” born between the years 1981 and 2000, are the most Internet-savvy generation in history, having grown up in the formative years of what has evolved into the World Wide Web. Although it might be an exaggeration to say that they eat, breathe and sleep the Internet, social networks and connectivity are no strangers to millennials, as they bring their smartphones and tablets everywhere, including to the bathroom and even to bed. According to this study, Millennials spend 15-20% more time on the internet than the majority of the population. Because of this inbred familiarity with computers, operating systems and a new techno-lexicon,…