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    The Importance of Being Able to Recover “Lost” Data

    Some of us have seen ourselves in this situation, accidentally, either due to carelessness or an event beyond our control, we lose very important files, or because they are deleted, or because the disk is damaged, etc. That is why tools for data recovery are extremely important since they facilitate the ability to locate and recover deleted data. Without recovery software, you are only stuck with basic methods that don’t produce many results. The methods in question are manually searching, hoping you can have the luck to find the tucked files. To really recover files from SD card you need a special software. There are various software available in the…

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    How Music Therapy Can Help Heal the Brain

    If you have ever felt that music heals your soul, you might just be right! Music does more than just sounding good to the ears. Research[1] has successfully proven that music can improve the condition of several conditions. Employed in its full potential, one day it might be able to work as a standalone cure to various diseases. The best thing about this therapy is that it has no side effects at all. Here’s all that you need to know about this revolutionary course of treatment. What is music therapy? Music therapy is a course of treatment performed by a trained and certified music therapist with the aim to aid…

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    What to Look for in a Digital Signal Controller

    While digital signal processing tends to be more common than analog in many devices these days, one notable exception is when a device uses analog sensors and the signal needs to be conditioned for digital processing. For these devices, a digital signal controller is necessary, to connect the analog domain to the digital, but how do you go about selecting the right DSC for your device? There are many considerations, including the cost and availability of the DSC, but before you get to that point, you need to compare a few other key aspects. Floating Point or Fixed Point Arithmetic Digital signal controllers use either fixed or floating point units…

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    How to Run A Memory Test

    There are a number of sites on the web which were created to assist computer users in running memory tests and debugging memory problems with their personal computers. They will help you to automatically complete these tests, but if you must do them manually, here are some tips.