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    The Importance of Being Able to Recover “Lost” Data

    Some of us have seen ourselves in this situation, accidentally, either due to carelessness or an event beyond our control, we lose very important files, or because they are deleted, or because the disk is damaged, etc. That is why tools for data recovery are extremely important since they facilitate the ability to locate and recover deleted data. Without recovery software, you are only stuck with basic methods that don’t produce many results. The methods in question are manually searching, hoping you can have the luck to find the tucked files. To really recover files from SD card you need a special software. There are various software available in the…

  • Memory Cards Storage
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    Steve Foley Tells Us How Businesses Can Protect Memory Card Data

    Memory cards are small, powerful, and can hold a vast amount of data. But the stats reveal that 70 million phones are lost each year and a laptop is stolen more than once per minute. As you can see, protecting your memory card data is harder than you think. Steve Foley, CEO of bulkmemorycards.com says that memory cards are especially difficult to protect because they’re so small. But he has some tips for you to protect both your virtual data and the physical card itself. Password Protection is a Must for Basic Protection The first step you must take is to password protect your memory card. It’s the most basic…

  • Data Recovery Software

    Restore Deleted Files From Memory Cards And Other Storage Devices Freely

    If you have ever suffered the heartbreak of losing the precious photographs or videos taken with friends and family on a very special day because you forgot to transfer them to your PC before deleting them, you will surely know how pleasant it could be to find an easy way to get back lost photos and data without wasting much time waiting or sobbing. However, in case you ever find yourself caught up in this kind of situation, you won’t have to worry as you still have a good chance of getting back your videos, photos, or other data from your memory card by simply using free data recovery software;…

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    Basic Filming Tips for Your Next Biking Tour

    Many are yet to understand why bikers have impressive passion for the sport. Only those with adventurous personalities and have spent adequate time in adventurous cycling understand why it is so easy to get addicted to the exhilarating experience of riding. The exercises, fun, bonding and connecting with nature are some of the things that make this sport so unique from others.

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    How to Spot a Fake iPhone

    The rate of pirated products is becoming alarming day after day to the extent that hardly can you be sure of the authenticity of any gadget you buy in the market these days. Even Apple, a well known company in the tech industry also faces this wrath and as a result most of their products would have been duplicated before the time of their release. The latest iPhone 5 that was released a few days ago has been seen before the time of release and has been selling for a cheaper price compared to the original one made by Apple. To prevent customers and lovers of Apple products from falling victim of…