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    How Studying for an MBA Degree Can Benefit You

    In today’s society, there are a ton of career fields to pick from. For those who are interested in launching their own startup, gaining the right skills, experience, and credentials is important. Many entrepreneurs decide to embark on an MBA degree which can teach you everything you need to know about running your own business. To find out more, here are several reasons why you should pursue an MBA degree.

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    Why Should You Do Your MBA in IIM or Top Business School?

    A strong uptick in the economy is creating huge employment opportunities for many and MBAs are in the forefront of those who can grab a sizeable share of this pie. The campus placements at India's best b-schools are moving to heights that were never seen before - many colleges are in the 20+ lakh average CTC bracket, and many more are set to join this club very soon. Recently, IIMA reported that its students bagged an average domestic salary of Rs.

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    5 Signs Your Startup Will Fail

    Creating a new business can be a very scary thing. According to statistics from the Small Business Administration, half of all startups fail in the first 5 years, and two thirds fail after 10 years. That's very steep odds against your startup.

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    Four Benefits Of Accelerated Learning For Business Professionals

    Do you work in a business setting right now, or are you planning to change careers and become a business person? Maybe you even plan to start your own business, while you chase your entrepreneurial spirit. While you'll find arguments that people don't need a business degree, there are many things this type of degree can give you that are well worth going to school, no matter what your age.