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    How to Learn Forex Trading in 30 Days

    Do you think that trading is child’s play? If you have communicated with any investors who have participated in trading for a long, they might have concluded that the trading platform is an easy place to make money. Well, this is not completely wrong. Trading is an easy thing to do when you have a grasp on how the market works. The market is such a complex place where many of the participants have a hard time coping with the sudden changes. The market fluctuates due to several factors that create an imbalance in the trading market. The world is a vast place where many things occur every second. These…

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    Why has the FTSE 100 Just Had its Best Week Since July, and What Does This Mean for the Economy?

    They say that extreme conditions serve as a breeding ground for extremist actions and outlooks, and this is a rule that applies in almost every walk of life. Take the financial marketplace, for example, which has enjoyed unprecedented levels of volatility in 2016 amid seismic political shifts, geopolitical uncertainty and the relentless rise of nationalism across the globe.

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    5 Solid Investment Books for Beginners

    The most important thing an investor has to do is to learn about the markets. Knowledge is the fundamental key to smart investing. Reading investment books, digesting their lessons, and then applying them is how all good investors get their start. But with so many books on the market, where do you begin? We looked at investment information websites like Investopedia and Forbes among others for their recommendations and boiled them down to the essentials for beginner investors. Here are our recommendations to get your investment education off to a good start. Market Psychology: A Random Walk Down Wall Street and Irrational Exuberance Time writer Pat Regnier wrote a very…

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    How to Maximize the Results of Your Marketing Campaigns

    It does not matter how big and successful your business or company is or what your industry is, sooner or later you will want to increase your customer base and start making more money by launching some marketing campaigns that can range from smaller, local jobs to national or even worldwide campaigns that will require serious marketing agencies and time and money spent. Once you embark on this journey, it is essential that you as a business owner do everything to maximize the results of these campaigns. Here are some tips on how to do this smartly and effectively: 1. Make sure you know your goals There are many marketing…

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    Tips on Making Money Through Internet Business

    In the past ten years, e-commerce grew exponentially creating countless opportunities over the internet. Online businesses are gaining huge popularity because they need less investment, almost no physical space and offer better customer interaction. Plus, with the rise of affiliate marketing, you can make money off of products you don’t even make. MLM skin care companies are similar to affiliate marketing, with the stipulation that you are really into skin care. With internet usage rapidly increasing in the developing countries, the customer base is only increasing every day. Here, we will discuss several methods to make money through internet businesses. Identify the market: Research on the current market trends and…