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    Search Engine Optimization for Real Estate Companies

    Ask your fellow real estate agents about their marketing tricks, and listen to what they are not telling you. SEO has long been the single most successful technique in the realtor marketing game, and it’s a thin chance that any of your competitors would ever reveal their number one secretive growth hack. SEO seems like magic, but it does require some hard work on your company’s website. Think about it as you would think about a real estate property that you need to sell. In order to get enough visitors and at least a few prospective buyers, you need to make your site neat, comfortable, and appealing. When implemented on…

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    Use These Strategies In Your Next Direct Marketing Campaign

    Effective and memorable direct marketing campaigns don’t simply materialize based on luck; they require lots of hard work, planning and strategizing. When considering your next campaign move, don’t jump in with blinders on. Follow these strategies to ensure your next campaign’s success. It’s a Data-Driven Science No matter how great communication is, your campaign will fail if it’s not crafted to meet the expectations of your consumer. Know your audience and appeal to them. Matching a niche with a special offer and marketing style is as essential as the quality of your product. To be successful, collect data and stay focused. With more research you can seek out a new…