• Benefits Of The Flutter App For Your Business
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    Benefits of the Flutter App for Your Business

    For many programmers, Flutter has finally alleviated a persistent problem. It used to be the case that developers who wanted to distribute their apps on both the App Store and the Play Market had to duplicate their efforts by making two distinct versions of their apps. Furthermore, they had to deal with the hassle of managing two independent code sets.

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    Docker Containers are the Future of Windows 10

    Microsoft has always tried to provide the best experiences for its users. It also makes sure developers have the most convenient platform for creating new applications. Docker is being utilized to create a growing number of Linux applications. However, Windows 10 is also becoming more reliant on Docker. A number of Docker containers are embedded in various applications already, but even more containers will be incorporated into Windows 10 programs in the future. In the past, Windows relied on its own containers. Docker is a Linux-based platform, so there weren’t many intuitive options to embed its features into Windows. However, this is starting to change as more Windows developers start…

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    The New Age of Video Surveillance – Mobile Apps & Hacks

    The video surveillance industry is keeping up with the modern world and reinventing itself all the time. Popular IP camera manufacturer Axis recently launched their own mobile application for their Axis Camera Companion. This makes a lot of sense as more and more people switch to mobile devices, the access to surveillance material on a mobile platform has become increasingly important.