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    Gaming Laptops: What to Look Out For

    If your old computer is starting to break down or is not providing enough for your newest games, it is probably giving you signs that you should be switching to a new one. If you’re a gamer who wants to play triple-A titles on the go, then a gaming laptop is the most ideal choice to provide the best visuals and speed for your gaming experience.

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    Business Tools

    BYOD Is the Hot New Business Trend, But Is it Safe?

    BYOD. It means “bring your own device” to work. Successful businesses understand the benefit of allowing for personal devices in the workplace. BYOD means businesses are spending less on hardware because the employee is providing their own. And, the Good Technology State of BYOD Report found that employees are happy to supply their own devices. This is likely due to a preference for their personal devices, which often times are actually more feature-rich compared to the lacking features of bulk equipment. Businesses that furnish equipment to their employees often have to think about budget first and features second, but BYOD eliminates this from the equation. Unfortunately, the BYOD model isn’t…

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    Can Fresh Fruit At Your Desk Really Help Boost Productivity?

    We all know that we should be eating our five a day of fruit and vegetables. Some people are lucky enough to like most of the fruit and vegetables that there are available whilst others struggle as they simply don’t like them. It is important to get our daily intake though and finding out what the best fruit and vegetables are for you and what you need them for can definitely help. The team at Fruitful Office recently conducted some research which found out that eating fresh fruit at your work desk can improve your productivity and concentration by over 10%, an astonishing amount compared to not eating any. It…

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    WLAN vs LAN: Which is Better?

    With the growth of internet users and importance of the internet in our lives, people have to find an easier, cheaper and a faster way to connect to the internet. Laptops, desktops, and even cheap notebooks have a LAN, Wi-Fi and dial-up for users to connect to internet through all means. But with choices, there is confusion about which technology is better.

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    Intel’s WiDi Standard: What You Need to Know

    Intel’s recent ultrabook draft requires manufacturers to implement some version of their own proprietary “Wireless Display” standard across new lines. A competitor to technologies such as Apple’s AirPlay and Microsoft’s SmartGlass display broadcasting firmware, WiDi seeks to eradicate cables and pave the way for an instant-streaming future. Here, we’ll use Intel’s latest and greatest to explain how to connect a laptop to a TV supporting WiDi. Image copyright by Intel. What do you need? First up, WiDi has some pretty demanding hardware specs. Not to worry, though: any modern laptop, ultrabook or tablet should support most of the required technologies (excepting anything running Windows RT). You’ll need a third generation…