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    5 Examples of Psychology on Landing Pages

    As a digital marketing company we spend a lot of time studying conversions rates and testing theories out to see if conversion rates can be improved. One of the areas we’ve had most success with is applying psychological principals to how the landing page is design and the type of content that is added to the page. The human brain is a wonderful thing and it’s amazing how much power there is in psychology. Online marketing has evolved rapidly over the past few decades and so have the way customers interact with websites. With years of research and surfing the web, customers are now immune to a lot of traditional…

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    Importance of Landing Page in Digital Marketing

    The concept of marketing has become a completely different notion since the emergence of the Internet. It is not that marketing was in any way whatsoever naïve before we all started turning online, but there were not as many variations as there are today. Such an abundance of possibilities and ideas force people to be more creative and wiser, but also makes us more mechanical and obsessed with work.