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    Ways to Secure Your Wishes and Getting Your Affairs in Order

    Death is not a topic that is easy to get excited about—especially when it concerns your own. However, there are practicalities to consider when it comes to the division and distribution of your estate when you are gone. Estate planning involves the various actions you must take and documents you must create to make sure your money and property goes to the people you want it to. Your first move should be to retain the services of a lawyer who specializes in the field. Only an attorney with the right expertise and experience will be able to draw up the kind of will that will be legally binding. Your lawyer…

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    What You Need to Know About Talking to a Lawyer About Your Parents’ Estate

    As our parents age, we often take on the role of caregiver and confident. We learn things about our parents that we didn’t know before, whether by choice or by divine design. We come to know them in a way that seems both fragile and beautiful, all while trying to manage the overwhelm we feel as new caregivers of our parents. With the role reversal that happens as our parents age, it is difficult for adult children to know what comes next. But if our parents could muddle their way through raising us, we can certainly figure out how to care for them. As time goes on, though, more serious…

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    Some Frequently Made Estate Planning Mistakes by Physicians

    For most physicians, the second step that they take after establishing a retirement account is doing some fundamental estate planning in the form of a revocable living trust or a will. Here are some of the common mistakes associated with estate planning that physicians make and how they have a negative impact on them and their families if the issues are not addressed effectively. However, the good news is that these slip-ups are quite easy to fix provided you seek the professional advice of your financial advisor or estate planner. Not Giving the Due Attention Physicians are mostly in the habit of putting off estate planning. They give priority to…

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    The Times You Absolutely Need To Hire An Attorney

    There's no point swanning through life thinking you'll never need the help of other's expertise. If you do so, you'll certainly come unstuck at some point. Situations will arise in both your personal and working life when you will need to call in an attorney. Let's take a brief look at some of those situations when you might need an attorney.

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    Business Owners And Wills: 4 Essential Steps You Need To Take

    Whether you own a business outright or are in a partnership, you can control what happens to some or all of your company when you die. By writing a will, you can have the ultimate say in your assets, including equipment and business space. It’s quite a tricky area however, and there are certain essential steps you must take first. 1. Sign an agreement Signing an agreement that is upheld by law is a way of having full control over your assets after your passing. These contracts contain information on how to handle an estate after the owner’s passing. This is a good way to delve into all the details…

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    Dos and Don’ts as a Lawyer when Claiming a Will

    As an attorney handling contentious probate, you will concur that this can be an overwhelming experience. Indeed, experts have cited this as one of the most sophisticated areas of law. It is no wonder then that these cases can go on and on for years. Your experience does not have to be a daunting one. Take a look at these nuggets of wisdom on how to swim in the tumultuous waters of inheritance law. The Dos Research: There is no gainsaying the importance of investigations. However, when it comes to contentious probate, it becomes even more critical. While the client might want to argue he has a solid case, you…