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    Marrying a Foreign Citizen? 4 Things You Should Know

    Sometimes ‘the one’ we decide to marry for life is worth crossing borders for. Sometimes, they feel the same way about you, and one day desire to come across the border and set up a life with you on your home turf. If this is you, congratulations! You’re likely to experience the best years of your romantic life ahead. However, you should also be aware of the requirements you must fulfill in order to make this dream a reality.

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    Better Days? Biden Administration’s New Immigration Bill To Increase Green Card Allocation

    Citing health concerns, former President Trump froze green card processing for new immigrants and suspended temporary work visas. This invariably created a severe backlog, and hurt multiple industries that relied upon skilled workers from other countries. Now with a new person in power, it seems that changes will occur in America’s immigration laws.

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    Immigration Law

    All You Need to Know About Getting a Green Card

    For people who have dreamed about starting up their own American Dream and moving to the United States, they have probably had to deal with one minor set back and that’s getting a Green Card, so that they can become a permanent resident of the US. People need to get a Green Card if they want to live in the US, as this is used as proof that they have the right to live and work there.

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    5 Things You Should Know About Renewing Your Green Card

    A green card is basically a document that’s issued by the US government to legal immigrants that are aged 18 and above. Without this document, it’s difficult to prove that you are a permanent resident of US. All green card holders enjoy the privileges that are accorded to US citizens such as the right to engage in gainful employment or employ others, unlimited access to loans, driving license renewal and being able to travel overseas.