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    Cities with the Best Architecture

    You don’t have to be an architect or a history buff to appreciate the beauty of America’s cities. You just have to be capable of looking up and admiring the beauty. Most places have a certain look that makes them distinctive, maybe it arises from practicality or perhaps it’s simply a reflection of style. So if you’re looking for some design inspiration, below are 5 of our favorite destinations to take in jaw-dropping architecture. Philadelphia There are precious few cities in this country where one can walk an entire day enjoying block after block of architecturally relevant buildings — be it of historic or design relevance. Architecture in Philadelphia is…

  • Man With Gun
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    Most Famous Gunfights in American History

    You’ve likely heard countless tales of good guys and bad guys battling it out with guns, of cops in pursuit of robbers, and of soldiers fighting for their countries. Some of these tales have become legends, yet some of them did happen in real life. Mankind’s history is rife with conflict, and America the brave isn’t spared from such violence. Guns of the Patriots Before the rise of modern weapons and the abundance of the popular 9mm ammo, Americans gunslingers didn’t have that much firepower in terms of automatics and semi-automatics. They were limited to single-action revolvers and lever-action rifles, to name a few of their guns. As such, most…

  • Door Lock

    How to Find a Good Locksmith

    Have you ever found yourself in a lockout situation that you cannot do anything to get out of? Well, whether you want to have you car or door locks changed or you have forgotten your keys, chances are that you will need a locksmith to come to your rescue. While there are many people who are in the business of fixing and securing locks, not all of them can be trusted. Some could actually do a shoddy job that would require you to recall them or even call another company offering the same services at an extra cost. Luckily, you can steer clear of the frauds when installing a security…

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    Smart Cities: A Public and Private Partnership

    The internet has become a vital part of everyday life, especially for people living in urban areas. In fact, it’s not much of an exaggeration to say that access to the internet is a basic human right, much like having access to food, shelter, and clothing. In the developed world, progressive cities are fast becoming what everyone is calling “smart cities.” Smart cities are the result of urban development through the leveraging of tools like wireless broadband solutions and information technology to improve public services. Initiatives and innovations like eco-solutions, efficient use of resources, and wireless infrastructure make cities more livable each year. Through the ubiquity of internet access, smart…

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    13-year-old boy accused of robbing Illinois bank

    A 13-year-old boy was accused of robbing a bank in Peoria, Illinois, after being caught in a nearby garage about half an hour after the incident with his hands stained red by a dye pack that had been placed in the bag of money. If tried as an adult he would face up to 30 years in prison. Read more: 13-year-old boy accused of robbing Illinois bank