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    How Iceland is Closing the Gender Pay Gap

    A law took effect in Iceland on January 1, 2018, mandating women and men receive equal pay for equal work in business concerns employing more than 25 people. Of course, Iceland has long been recognized as a world leader in gender equality. Women must hold nearly half the Icelandic corporate board seats by law. Moreover, women hold some 41.5 percent of the island nation’s managerial positions.

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    Top 10 Bucket List Destinations

    We all have bucket list destinations, places we absolutely must see in our lifetimes. These are the places that just have to be seen to be believed, where natural wonder overwhelms the senses and brings a sense of peace to the wandering mind. “This is it,” you will think, “I’m finally here.”

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    Top European Sailing Destinations

    Ever been on a cruise? Although many people are reluctant, thinking they'll get seasick or bored, the truth is actually quite the opposite. A cruise is a great way to see many different places in just a few days - and unpack only once. Cruisers offer plenty of on-board activities, and are actually "small cities" which have everything you can possibly need.

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    7 Unusual Alcohols You Might Regret Trying

    1. Amazake Although the alcohol percentage of this Japanese drink is low, it doesn’t make it any easier to imbibe. White, thick and with an aftertaste – this is one highly suspicious-looking liquid. Like many Asian alcohols, it’s made from rice, though in this case it often feels like the rice has barely disintegrated and you’re in fact drinking a slightly more watery tin of rice pudding. It can be quite difficult to find outside of Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores. To be all the more Japanese about it, drink it hot on a winter’s evening. 2. Kvas Like most Russian beverages, Kvas is pretty lethal. The taste and colour…