• Bad Breath
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    Why Your Breath Smells & What to do About it

    If you’re dealing with chronic bad breath, you probably want to fix this problem. Smelly breath can be extremely embarrassing, especially in social situations. It’s not only a possible indicator of a bigger problem but you’re also likely to experience ridicule because of it. This, of course, depends on how severe your case is. But even the slightest sent of smelly breath can put people off, with them often pulling faces, turning away and making hurtful comments. So even a minor case could affect someone’s self-esteem and confidence. It really is a demoralizing and crippling condition that affects thousands of people in all countries, some of which haven’t even realized…

  • Teeth Mouth Woman

    8 Realistic Proven Ways to Solve Your Dental Problems

    You are charged with the sole responsibility of looking after your teeth seeing as they are part of your body. However, if you are like most people, you may end up getting one or two cavities along the way. This is even though you take excellent care of them and practice the best hygiene. It is just the way life is. Apart from cavities, you may end up with other problems such as plaque or even yellowing teeth. Point is, at one point or another, you may need the services of a cosmetic dentist. In order to stay informed, it is wise to know the type of procedures and treatments…

  • Q Tips
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    5 Things You Think Are Healthy … But Aren’t

    Health fads are nothing new. The Atkins diet was conceived in the late 1950s and swept the country with popular fervor in the early 2000s, and right now CrossFit workouts are all the rage across American suburbia. Some might even say that flossing is a health fad that we’ve all been doing since time immemorial — or at least since we were children. But what if these health fads, trends, and practices aren’t actually all as healthy as you think? Here are five things you think are totally healthy … but actually aren’t. 1. Cleaning Your Ears Swabbing your ear with a little cotton ball stick? Some people have experienced…

  • Dentist Woman

    Dentists – Maintaining Optimum Oral Health and Hygiene

    Visiting the dentist regularly is essential for your oral health. People are advised to go for dental checkups on a regular basis at intervals of six months to maintain the good health of their teeth and gums. Along with keeping your smile bright and attractive, dentists also monitor your general health. The condition of a person’s mouth is a reflection of overall health. Your dentist helps you discover oral health problems such as tooth decay, identify the solutions and help to deal with the root cause of oral diseases before they become worse or complicated. Promoting Continual Oral Care Many people know that lack of oral hygiene makes them vulnerable…

  • Toothbrush

    Dental Health – Taking Care of Your Oral and Overall Health

    Regular dental visits are equally important to seeing your general physician. Oral health is a reflection of overall health and can show the initial signs of illness. This means that your dental professional has the ability to diagnose different conditions at the early stages. Taking proper care of your entire mouth is a crucial commitment. It helps to prevent tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. It also contributes to keeping your teeth healthy as you age. Brushing and flossing goes beyond caring your teeth and gums. Significance of a Healthy Mouth There are several reasons why a healthy mouth is important, including keeping medical disorders at bay. Neglecting the…

  • First Aid Kit
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    Essential Supplies for Survival if Power Goes Out

    Surviving disasters and blackouts requires you to have access to the most essential items. Survival kits should be compact and preferably portable. You have to consider which supplies are most important and do away with what you do not need. Select the most important supplies that will keep you healthy, fed and hydrated. Medical Kit During natural disasters, injuries can occur. Basic first aid kits provide you with what you need to prevent infections, ease pain and stop the situation from becoming worse. First aid kits ensure that you are ready with medical emergencies and can provide basic care to injured or sick people, even with minimal medical knowledge. Keep…