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    Top 10 Hair Care Tips for Men

    If you love trying different hairstyles, then you’ve probably noticed that men’s hairstyles change as quickly as fashion trends. Every year, new haircuts emerge, and better touches are introduced to older cuts to give them a fresh look. While some men like maintaining a timeless look such as the shaved head with beard, others love keeping short, medium, or long hair. It is imperative that you do regular hair maintenance to ensure that your hair looks chic in every hairstyle. Routine hair care helps to deal with common hair problems such as breakage, product build-up, greasiness, and thinning hair. Here are the top hair care tips that you ought to…

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    How to Get the Celebrity Look Without the Price Tag

    It’s not really much of a mystery why you might want to look like a celebrity—because they step out looking almost flawless with the help of the best wardrobe stylists. Still, this is no reason for someone with a taste for fashion and a shoestring budget to feel that they don’t have a chance of looking remarkably good. Here’s the thing, you can find affordable ways to getting a similar look to the trendsetters and be mistaken for a celebrity, without the price tag. If you admire celebs when it comes to style–from the top of their heads to what they have on their feet–then you probably ask yourself how it’s possible to have that look without spending A-list…

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    Seven New Beauty Routines to Implement After 40

    We all worry about the big 4 x, and believe that life is over. This is not the case, and you should look at hitting 40 as a new chapter in your life. Take advantage of what you learned during the past decades, and create your new style that shows your sophistication and personality, but not your style. Work smarter and not harder on your looks.

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    Top Hair Care Tips Every Man Should Remember

    Your hair needs a lot of TLC. And not just your hair – your scalp needs care too. If you’re like most men, you’re wondering how to deal with hair problems such as buildup of product, breakage, greasiness, and thinning. You might also want to know how to find a great barber. Below are some useful tips. In case of thinning hair, go for matte products As they reach their thirties and forties, many men start experiencing thinning hair. If this is the case for you, use matte styling products such as clay or paste in order to make it manageable and appear thick. These products take in light and…