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    How to Maintain Healthy Hair

    Having healthy-looking hair goes a big way to making you look good. It’s also good to simply have healthy hair. That means less hair fall and hair breakages. However, keeping or making your hair as healthy as possible isn’t so simple. It isn’t just about using a good brand of shampoo. It’s also about regular care and treatment. Of course, your natural hair texture and type play a big part in this. Some people have hair that’s naturally drier. Therefore, they have to invest more care in moisturizing it. Whatever it is, we’ve put together a short guide on the different steps you should take to have healthy hair. 1.…

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    7 Foods That Keep Your Hair Healthy and Strong

    Hair is essentially made up of a protein known as keratin, and in order for your hair to grow long, strong and healthy, you need to make sure that you give it the right type of ‘food’. Food for your hair simply means the food that you put into your body, because it from your body that your hair will get the nourishment that it needs. Eat junk food and not only will you notice a lot more hair on your towel and pillow, but also problems related to your skin and general wellbeing. However, eat a lot more healthy foods, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains…

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    6 Vitamins Proven to Significantly Prevent Hair Fall

    Hair is a woman’s crowning glory. You wouldn’t like it when your hair falls off every time you comb. Even men understand this feeling because hair is designed to look healthy and voluminous. You may have heard that your diet affects your hair. This is true because hair is made of proteins and other macromolecules that are from your diet, so are your nails. This therefore means that a poor diet will have adverse effects on your hair volume and strength. Vitamins have been shown to influence your hair health in different ways. These vitamins include: Vitamin A Vitamin A is very important in cell regeneration or reproduction that contributes…