• Gun Apocalypse Prepare

    Creative Apocalypse Preparation List From Most Obvious to Least

    Prepare for emergencies with essential items: guns (for protection), knives (versatile tools), a dog (companion and early warning system), fake blood (intimidation), non-perishable food, medicine, vitamins, feminine hygiene products, Lifestraw (water filter), backpack, map & compass, flashlight, dirt bike (transportation), Bic lighters, books for knowledge and trade. Stay safe!

  • Paintball

    Everything You Need to Know to Buy a Paintball Gun

    Paintball has exploded in popularity over the last 20 years due, in large part, to the increases in technology. No longer are the guns (or “markers” as they’re often called) all like the rental versions you’d find on the ranges in the early 2000’s… there are some REALLY advanced options out there. This can all be a bit daunting if you’re venturing into paintball for the first (or second) time and aren’t sure how much is worth spending on (even if you’re not on a budget). We won’t get into what constitutes the “best” paintball gun for different budgets (there are plenty of guides for that) we will break down…