• Graduation With Honors
    Higher Education

    How to Graduate with Cords

    A graduation is a special time, one characterized by achievement and the accomplishment of long-term goals. To represent these achievements, many college graduates wear colored cords along with their traditional robes, caps, and stoles. What are these cords, and how can a student graduate with one?

  • Student Entrepreneur

    Young Start-Uppers: Why Should Students Consider the Idea of Starting Their Own Business?

    With academic life bearing down upon you, it might seem folly to consider starting your own business right now. Au contraire, it’s one of the best times to start your own business. Whilst your academic pursuits must always take the lead, your spare time can be better put to making some extra money and creating your own job for when you graduate. Thus, almost everyone should consider their statistics assignment seriously to become a real entrepreneur. Time Considerations At first glance, your huge timetable doesn’t have any space and you just don’t have time to start your own business. On the other hand, as a student you don’t work 9-5…