• Celestial Navigation Stars Ship

    What is Celestial Navigation?

    We've been dreaming of the stars for longer than we can remember, staring up at the twinkling lights that fill the night sky and wondering what they are. We've even written songs about them. Centuries ago, before the advent of GPS, explorers and adventurers relied on celestial navigation to help them map a path to their destination. What is celestial navigation, how does it work and when was it relied upon?

  • Satellite Space Exploration Earth
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    How Will the Internet of Things Change Space Exploration?

    The Internet of Things has the potential to change our world immensely. It will present new opportunities, as well as new challenges. IoT refers to the idea of connecting virtually any electronic device to the Internet and connecting them through the Internet to each other. Astronomers have also jumped in on the IoT conversation, and it turns out they have some issues with the up-and-coming network of connected devices.

  • Armored Car Convoy
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    Frontiers of Engineering: 5 Advanced Military Technologies Adapted for Commercial Automobiles

    When it comes to technology, many can often be traced back to their origins as a military necessity. Indeed, the need to innovate often grows from times of conflict or extreme need; hence, the saying: “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Research and technological developments have become incredibly important in turning the tide of military combat. During peacetime, such tools of war transition from military to civilian use, creating countless technological improvements we take for granted in our everyday lives. And while there are diverse examples of military innovation to select from, we’ve chosen five outstanding examples of advanced military technology that has transformed the automobile industry from past to…

  • Virtual Reality
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    Would Virtual Reality (VR) replace Smartphone in Future?

    The research on Virtual Reality is growing day by day. In today world technology is changing and developing rapidly and many latest technologies are perceived to get obsolete in future.  Smartphones were a game changer in the era of the cellphone. They surpassed the traditional phone industry. Many conventional phone developers who couldn’t develop with time eradicated from the market. Now, the smartphone industry is facing another challenge in the form of Virtual Reality. It’s hot debate of the day that whether VR has potential to replace the Smartphone. Is it Time to say goodbye to Smartphone? As new technologies are growing and companies are investing heavily in latest technologies,…

  • Used Ford Explorer
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    How To Improve Your Used Car With Technology

    Having a used car is a common thing for almost all people. Most used cars are usually very sound if they have been maintained well. The only way actually to preserve just about anything is by maintaining it. Take for example a used Ford Explorer, this is a very strong and powerful car that can run almost everywhere. Just in case you have this kind of car or any other used car, you can definitely make it look and feel better with the application of technology on it.

  • Google self driving car at the Computer History Museum. Photo by Don DeBold. License: CC BY 2.0.
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    The Cutting-Edge Tech Behind Driverless Cars

    Driverless cars are appearing in headlines more and more frequently. The technology is certainly attractive, because it promises to deliver a much safer driving experience. Automatic systems can scan the environment and react to obstacles much faster than a human driver. Self driving cars would also be far more convenient, because the driver is no longer required to manage the vehicle.

  • Fishing Sonar GPS

    A Guide On Fish Finders With GPS Technology

    Fishing in a lake or pond is incredibly relaxing. But it is also surprisingly time consuming. Experts always suggest that first timer fishing enthusiasts need to work on their patience if they want to get it right. Finding the fish is often the most exhausting process of the expedition. Regular fishing experts know which spots are best and keep returning to them time and again to catch some fish. But even they get it wrong sometimes. Finding where the fish are doesn’t need to be such a painstakingly long process. With modern technology, fishing could be made a lot easier. Specifically, fish finders and GPS trackers help fishermen find the…