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    Tropical Fruits You’ve Never Heard Of But Will Love

    Pineapple, mango, and guava are common tropical fruits most of us enjoy eating, at least from time-to-time. Fruit tastes great and oftentimes satisfies a sweet tooth better than a candy bar.  Many tropical fruits also benefit our health, providing us with essential vitamins and nutrients that keep us healthy. Along with the tropical fruits you find sold in supermarkets, there are many lesser-known tropical fruits that also offer a sweet and tasty fruit that you can eat. Take any of the tropical fruits listed below to the office with you, to the gym, or enjoy at-home for a phenomenal addition to your menu and an invigorating boost to your health.…

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    Five Foods Women Should Eat To Remain Youthful

    Women need to make some choices that will help them remain youthful, and they could try all five of these foods because they can make a woman look and feel much younger. Someone who is trying to make a change to the way that they live should try all the things on this list. The list gives you a chance to change the way that you feel, and you also have to be sure that you have looked into how you can use each of these things. 1. Green Tea Green tea is one of the most powerful things that any woman can use to make her body as healthy…

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    Want to Change Your Child’s Unhealthy Eating Habits?

    You probably grew up hearing that you “are what you eat.” Perhaps you say that to your own children today. While certainly none of us, no matter how much we may indulge in junk food, is in danger of sprouting chocolate as hair, the fact is that your body does use the food that you eat to make it, and it can only be as healthful as what you ingest. So what is a parent to do when their child has developed unhealthy eating habits? How do you get them to eat healthful things? It can be challenging, but there are some tips that can help you make your picky,…

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    Snack Time at the Office: What Quick-Eats Should You Be Eating?

    Eating right at the office can be tough, especially when a snack attack strikes. Really, who wants to pass on a chocolate bar, bag of chips, or whatever other yummy treat is hanging out in the break room on any given day? That’s right. No one wants to pass up tasty treats; however, most of those options will leave you ill-satisfied and hankering for more in just a few minutes after you finish chowing down on them. So, how are you supposed to snack at the office when time and taste are at a premium? Check out these quick, easy, and healthy snack options to make office snack time a…

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    Six Simple Ways to Add a Little More Flavor to Your Breakfast

    Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day by many. It can also be a meal that doesn’t see a lot of flavors. There are a few simple ways that you can add more flavors to your breakfast that can give a fuller feeling and leave you with a taste to desire until the next morning. Cheese Whether it’s eggs or ham, cheese is an ingredient that can be added to almost any dish to add flavor. Shredded cheese is often added to eggs along with slices of ham or turkey for an omelet. Sliced cheese makes a delicious grilled cheese breakfast melt topped with slices of bacon…