• Iceland Waterfall

    Unveiling Hidden Gems: 7 Stunning Destinations to Explore

    Exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations frequently leads to the most awe-inspiring travel experiences. In this article, we'll take you on a tour to seven lovely locales that are just waiting to be found. From South Iceland's otherworldly landscapes to Corsica's charming countryside, each site provides a distinct blend of natural beauty, cultural charm, and amazing activities.

  • Louvre Paris

    Paris: A Treasure Trove of Museums

    The City of Love is filled with so many things to see and do. Also known as the City of Lights, this destination is jam-packed with must-see sights. The way to learn about a culture and its history is to explore the museums. Paris has 130 museums, with more just outside the city limits.

  • Business Meeting Notes
    Corporate Law

    Four Steps to Starting a Business in France

    Setting up your own business, no matter what it is, can be a daunting prospect. But doing this in France, where complicated bureaucratic forms in French are enough to scare off even the most determined entrepreneur, is many times more intimidating! To help you get started, here are four key elements to keep in mind when starting a business in France: 1. Find your niche When setting up a business abroad, you’ll face a number of concrete obstacles compared with local entrepreneurs. The language can present a significant barrier, not just for legal and other formal procedures (discussed in detail below), but also in terms of building business connections. To…

  • Chateau Margaux Bordeaux

    The Best Cities in France for the Luxury Traveler

    There are travelers who love to backpack around the world, experiencing the culture like you’re one of the locals and spending all your money on new experiences. But you’re not one of those travelers. You like to live it up, staying in luxury, seeing stunning sites while staying in comfort. If France is on your list of places to visit, you won’t want to stay in a small hotel room in a dingy neighborhood. But in order to find luxury homes in France, you have to decide where you want to go first. There are particular destinations that are perfect for those of us who love to live it up.…

  • Bicycle Woman

    7 Best Cycling Routes in France

    France is famous for its great network of highways and avenues, making it perfect for cycling. This, after all, is the country where the world-famous Tour de France is done annually. These seven cycling routes are trails you can follow if you want to enjoy your cycling experience in this nation: Burgundy There is a joke that says Tour de France participants make wine tasting stops in Burgundy when they pass through the region. While this is something that is not advisable, it does underscore the appeal of Burgundy to cyclists. Burgundy, which is central to the production of Old World wine, is gaining ground as among the best cycling…

  • Courchevel France

    Courchevel 1850: Where the Party Begins!

    Besides a glass of cold champagne and the thrill of skiing some 1800 meters down the slopes, one can also enjoy great fun and all-night-through parties at Courchevel 1850. Although not widely known for its party hot spots, the popular ski resort in the French Alps offers a wide array of options to choose from and have a blast, both in the city and, of course, the mountains and some well-earned apres-ski drinks with family members, friends or your other half.

  • Puerto Princesa Underground River

    7 Undiscovered Gems of the World to Add to Your Bucket List

    Increasingly affordable travel has made the world more accessible. Adventurous individuals now eschew travel agent services to plan their own epic adventures around the globe taking in the sights, sound and smells of exotic places, hoping to experience a holiday with a difference. The problem is many venture to the same perennially popular hotspots, which have long since lost their charm owing to over exploitation.

  • Lovech, Bulgaria

    Top Countries to Go Sightseeing

    So many places to go, so many things to see. It's not easy picking where to travel when you live on such a richly cultured planet. Picking a "top list" for sightseeing isn't easy, especially with so many preferences and differences among one another, but skipping these countries on your travels across the world is definitely not recommended.