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    Revolution in Storage Services: The Modern Way of Storing Food

    The modern age is a fast-paced society where everything is required fresh without having to wait. The most reliable source of transportation for this is companies who are specialised on these services. It is especially essential for easily degradable food such as seafood and meat. There are various storage units with refrigeration facility, and they are divided into multiple chambers that can be allowed to be at different temperatures. This sophisticated way of storing is called cross-docking, and this is done while transporting the food. Refrigeration and cross-docking are two important key factors on which storage process is mostly based on. Some facts on refrigeration Storing food and finding new…

  • Food Storage
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    Being Prepared: What Is Your Food Storage Supply Missing?

    You can’t predict when disaster strikes or exactly what you’ll need when it does. When you’re prepared for any disaster, however, you can increase the odds that your family will thrive throughout any situation that comes your way. The first step? Making sure that your food storage supply isn’t missing any of these critical items. Store Enough Water for Your Family You’ve thought about food, but have you really taken water into account? In a disaster situation, the rule of thumb is one gallon of water per person in your family per day. Make sure that you have enough on hand to get your family through a few days at…