• Star Wars Jedi Knight Clone Wars

    The Jedi Training Plan – Keeping Up Your Stamina Ahead of a Long Lightsaber Duel

    In a galaxy far, far away, Jedi knights always need to ensure they are in peak physical condition, as they could be called into a battle with a Sith at any given moment. But how do the Jedi stay in such good health and how do they keep so fit? Let's take a look at the typical workout regime of a Jedi Knight to help you to become a galactic knight – may the Force be with you!

  • Flowers Health Relax

    8 Ways on How Flowers Can Benefit Your Health

    Flowers are beautiful creations of Mother Nature that you can incorporate into your home decor. They are beautiful to look and for people to adore. But apart from the beauty it offers, it can also provide benefits for the health of the inhabitants in the household. The following are 8 ways of how flowers can benefit your health. 1. Purifies the Air Flowers just purchased from the florist are still fresh, like the potted plants, and this means they are still breathing. When the plant breathes, it breathes in carbon dioxide and breathes out oxygen. Therefore, by putting flowers at home, your home will have more oxygen which can make…

  • Weightlifting Fitness
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    Every Trainer Should Know 10 Expert Fitness Tips and Strategies

    Are you frustrated that you aren’t seeing any noticeable results despite spending hours at the gym? Well, you’re not alone. There are plenty of folks in your situation with enough drive, determination, and relentless effort, but still can’t reach their goals. In this situation, the most logical step for you to take is to find a personal trainer with proven experience. But if you think that hiring a personal trainer is not an option for you at the moment, it is still possible to get fit by going it all alone. Below is a list of ten expert tips and strategies that specifically designed by various personal trainers and fitness…

  • Weight Lifting Gym
    Exercise,  Health Literacy

    Make This the Year You Get in Shape

    The past year sure has been a wild ride. Although the year isn’t quite finished, there is still time to make good on some of your health goals. People frequently start out with the noblest intentions to improve their health and get in shape, but they never quite fulfil those aspirations. It always seems to be around this time of the year that we reflect on our gains and losses. There is family coming, big events and lots of things to think about. For many people starting out, the thought of signing up a monthly contract at a large gym is exciting and inspiring. After a couple months (or sometimes…

  • Mother Child
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    Proven Parenting Tips to Ensure Overall Growth of your Child

    Parenting is perhaps one of the toughest jobs in the world that require precision, patience, and attention. Everyone wants that their child gets the best nurture and care that not only augments their physical and mental growth but also ensures adequate health. Since parenting isn’t an easy task, you need to consider numerous things that could affect your child’s nurture. Things are quite challenging for first timers, and hence they need to emphasize on mastering the essential things that could simplify their job. Here are some proven tips for people who are new to parenting and are unable to tackle things on their own. Unconditional Love is all you need…

  • Superhero Woman Running

    Health, Cardio, and BPM: How to Harness Rhythm for Fitness

    If there’s one thing you’ll find common among most gym-goers, new, seasoned, and everywhere in-between, is that a good majority pop in the headphones or pump the loudspeakers when they work out. While you might think this is happy coincidence, there’s good science to show that listening to music might improve your workout. In the case of running, you could see improvement up to 15 percent. Before you get too excited, realize that simply cranking the jams is not going to net automatic gains — there’s a science behind the madness, calculating beats per minute, heart rate, stride-length, and myriad other considerations. Jack Daniels and the 180 per Minute Rule…

  • Sea Sunset Holiday Vacation
    General Travel

    Five Tips For Healthier Travels

    Whether you are traveling within the same country you live in or you are planning a vacation or work trip overseas, you need to ensure that you are taking all of the safety precautions possible in order to be healthy and have a safe trip. There is a lot that goes into planning safe travels, but it is worth the time.