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    Cheers at Your Next Party: 8 Delicious British Snacks to Share With Your Hunky-Dory Mates

    British food often gets a bad rap, and it certainly lacks the glamour of French or Italian food. The unfortunate names of some items probably don't help. "Spotted dick," to pick an extreme example, sounds revolting, but it is actually a perfectly good desert. "Toad in the hole" also sounds less than appetizing. Many British foods have endured and been enjoyed for generations, which would not be the case if they weren't actually quite tasty. Here is a list of British snacks worth serving at a get-together.

  • Cheetah running photo by Michael Moss. License: CC BY-ND 2.0.

    4 Events That Animals Would Win At The Olympics, Easily

    Remember when humans were breaking the four-minute mile or the 10 second 100-meter sprint? Impressive wasn't it. But, those records would mean nothing if animals could compete in the Olympic Games. Today, we're going to look at five fabulous creatures that would stroll to a gold medal after gold medal if they were taking part. Without even breaking a sweat.

  • Marine Animals Fish Coral Reefs

    Protecting the Life of Our Waters

    Scientists have long been predicting the dangerous impacts of a changing climate. Some of these fears range from extreme weather changes to the submersion of populated cities. These fears become significantly more acute as we focus more heavily upon the impacts a changing climate has on our marine ecosystems.

  • Fishing Sonar GPS

    A Guide On Fish Finders With GPS Technology

    Fishing in a lake or pond is incredibly relaxing. But it is also surprisingly time consuming. Experts always suggest that first timer fishing enthusiasts need to work on their patience if they want to get it right. Finding the fish is often the most exhausting process of the expedition. Regular fishing experts know which spots are best and keep returning to them time and again to catch some fish. But even they get it wrong sometimes. Finding where the fish are doesn’t need to be such a painstakingly long process. With modern technology, fishing could be made a lot easier. Specifically, fish finders and GPS trackers help fishermen find the…

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    Top Fish in the State of Washington

    This is one of the most popular fish in Washington. Though the fish is native to the Western United States, it is found in many fresh water bodies in the state of Washington. Rainbow trout stay in cool and clean waters. The fish is recognized by its red or pink stride on its sides. The strides cover the area from the gills to the tails.

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    Cute Clownfish with Sea Anemone

    The Ocellaris Clownfish is a popular aquarium fish. Their natural habitat are the coral reefs of the Indo-Pacific, particularly in the Fiji and Tonga regions. Although they look like plants, sea anemones are a group of water-dwelling, predatory animals.