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    Running and Defending A TOLATA Action 

    This article is all about the Trust of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996. “Trust of Land” is defined as any trust of property which consists of land. It is the act in which get rid of the doctrine of conversion it is defined as the law of real property in which the buyer of the real property begins to be the equitable owner of a title to the property when he enters or signs the contract to buy the land in a future date and the amendments can also be made in this law according to the requirements and instructions of the trustee. The main purpose of creating…

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    Legal Responsibilities of Becoming a Parent

    Most people don’t truly understand the full spectrum of what it means to be a parent before they bring a new child into this world. Not only are you responsible for raising a human being, but there are many legal responsibilities to consider as well. The emotional rush of becoming a new parent is strong, and it can easily overwhelm your rational senses. It is important to remain grounded, and wait until you are fully prepared to live up to all the responsibilities of having a kid. Check out a brief description of a few of the most vital legal responsibilities of becoming a parent, and consider whether or not…