• 2007 SecuTech Expo photo by BrockF5. License: CC BY-SA 3.0.

    How Are Portable Display Units Helping Brands Define Their Presence?

    Social media has been giving traditional print and TV advertising a stiff competition for the last couple of years. Considering how expensive advertising rates are on the country’s top national newspapers and TV channels, it’s no wonder so many veteran brands have opted for social media marketing over traditional marketing. It should not surprise you that new brands are doing the same. However, not all brands can stick to dedicated e-commerce. They need to pay attention to their brick-and-mortar fronts as well. Brands must acquaint their new products and services to their loyal customer base if they are to succeed. Statistics show that trade shows provide a robust, yet level…

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    Exhibition Show Tips for Newcomers

    Exhibition events offer a convenient platform for businesses to market their products and increase brand recognition. Besides marketing your products, you can also sell them at the exhibition. By participating in an exhibition, you will be in direct contact with your customers, and this is also a great opportunity to market new products. By having skilled and professional trade show stall contractors to build your exhibition stand, you will not only win the hearts of new customers but also increase your future sales. Custom built exhibition stands come in handy, and especially when you are participating in an exhibition for the first time. Trying to save costs by building the…

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    8 Ways to Outshine Your Competitors at Events

    The key to a successful exhibition, ultimately, is to draw crowds to your display stand. To do that, you’ll need to be able to be better than your competitors’ stands. Have you ever attended one of those events and walked past rows and rows of stands that all looked basically the same? If so, you know that in order to draw attention, you need to outshine the competition. Take a look at some ways you can do just that. 1. Don’t Shy Away from Your Brand Image Before you start getting creative, it’s important to remember not to abandon your existing identity. If you already have an established brand, prospective…

  • 2007 SecuTech Expo photo by BrockF5. License: CC BY-SA 3.0.

    All You Need To Know About Business Exhibitions

    Many business owners often ask me about exhibitions. What are they and should my business use them? Well, in this piece I’ll answer all the key questions about exhibitions for business: What Is An Exhibition? An exhibition is an event that brings lots of businesses all into one place. They’re usually a very big thing that see lots of people go through the doors. There are different exhibitions for different industries. For example, you could find an accountancy exhibition that is filled with accountancy businesses. Or, there are general, small business, exhibitions to help out local business people. In exhibitions like these, you’re likely to see a mixture of different…

  • 2007 SecuTech Expo photo by BrockF5. License: CC BY-SA 3.0.
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    2012’s Best Trade Show Booths

    The new year may have started, but we’re still reeling over some of the stand out exhibit designs from the past year, and it’s not too late for you to take a look too. Many of these booth designs from 2012 are having an influence on the direction trade show booths are headed for the New Year. Let this list of just a few of the best designs from last year be your inspirational guide for 2013. Amada Industries A perfect example of working with what you’ve got, Amada’s booth managed to steal the show… from the back of the exhibit hall! With the wrong design their company could have…