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    How to Make a Good College Essay a Great One

    Without making too many assumptions, it’s likely that most college students are capable of writing at least a decent essay. However, there’s a big difference between an “okay” research paper, and a truly great college essay. Here, we’ll explain how ambitious college students can improve their writing ability and create content that will wow their professors and their peers.

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    5 Wise Ways To Use Plagiarism Detection Software

    Plagiarism detection is a topical issue for each writer and scholar. You need confidence that your writing is unique. On the flipside, you can’t create your piece without working with the source. It could be an academic paper, a research article or a blog post. The report from Center for Academic Integrity demonstrates curious results. 80 % of students confessed that they have cheated at least for one time! The sad truth is that plagiarism comes not only from mindless copy-paste. An ineffective paraphrase or word-to-word translation also makes your writing unoriginal. Today, you can find the variety of plagiarism detection tools from paid to free. Some of them offer…