• AI Generated Gamer Desk Chair
    Video Games

    Budget-Friendly Chairs for Console Gamers

    You may not be owning one of the deluxe gaming rooms that can accommodate all your friends to participate in an interactive game. However, that does not mean you cannot have the good things in life: an enjoyable gaming experience. The couch may not be the best seat to work with when it comes to gaming: neither is the uncomfortable office chair. It is for this reason that you need a good console gaming chair that is also pocket-friendly.

  • Office Furniture

    Is Your Office Furniture Ergonomic?

    If you are experiencing back, neck or shoulder pain, your office furniture might be to blame. If it is not ergonomic, there is a good chance that it is putting unnecessary strain on your body. The main benefit of ergonomic office furniture is the fact that it encourages you to adopt a healthy posture, thus reducing this strain on your body. Ergonomic office chairs tend to have a curved back for this reason. In a nutshell, they are all about comfort, and that has got to be good for productivity! The downside of ergonomic furniture is usually the cost. The better items are not cheap, but if you can afford…

  • Computer Stress Sitting Health Problems
    Health Literacy,  Mental Health

    Social Determinants, Sitting, and How We Sacrifice Our Health for Society

    New research is showing that sitting for prolonged amounts at a time can be extremely harmful to your health. Keith Diaz, Ph.D., and her colleagues at Columbia University Medical Center in NYC, NY, found that adults in the US generally spend 12 or more hours per day sitting down, and that the more time spent sitting, the greater the risk of premature death. The research did also find, however, that moving around approximately every 30 minutes may help you live longer by reducing the harms of prolonged sitting. This echoes other studies in the vein, that are beginning to show that prolonged sitting is much more detrimental to our health…

  • Chiropractic Treatment
    Exercise,  Health Literacy

    Tips on Relieving Neck Pain

    Neck pain plagues millions of people every day. There are hundreds of medications and treatments for neck pain, but their results vary with every person. However, there are a few tried and true methods of reducing neck pain that have the greatest chance of working. Work at Eye Level In today’s world of tablets, laptops and smartphones, it’s common to constantly have your head looking down for a good portion of the day. However, this puts a big strain on the muscles in your neck. Try to work at eye level as much as possible. Keep your smartphone held up to head level. Have your tablet propped up on a…

  • Office Reception Light

    What You Need to Know About Making Your Office a More Productive Place

    Productivity is very important in the world of business. If the productivity levels in your office are poor, then your profits will be poorer too, and that’s not what you want. So, what can you do to make your office is a more productive place? Making employees more productive in your workplace is all about creating the right environment. And it’s also about treating people right. Here are some great tips to help you get it right in your office. Make the Place Light All the best offices have plenty of natural light flooding in through the windows. There is nothing worse as an employee than having to work in…

  • Office Design

    Interior Office Design to Boost Productivity

    While having your office is always a nice option, it is also a good idea to think about improving your office environment in a way that will allow you to boost your productivity and increase your efficiency. However, be aware that changes are inevitable. But, on the other hand, you can personalize your office in a way that will best suit your needs in order to give your best performance possible. Moreover, re-designing your office from time to time might just help you get motivated to work better. Brighten up your office If you are not trying to change too much in your office then perhaps it is best to…