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    Top 10 Car Techs that Rock

    Car tech is off to a great year, as demonstrated by the abundance of new car tech displayed at CES 2015. While there may be some aces in the sleeves of the manufacturers, we already have a pretty good picture of the tech that will rock. Here are the top 10 car techs to look forward to this year. 1. Electric Vehicles Sure, we already have electric vehicles, but there’s always room for more. Even though Tesla’s more affordable model is only scheduled to hit the markets in 2016 or 2017, we’re sure we will be seeing other electric vehicles being unveiled this year. Electric cars have tons of advantages…

  • Green Cars 2015
    Green Technology

    Best Green Cars to Hit the Market Recently

    Electric cars aren't only green; they're also a ton of fun to drive. The growing market includes dozens of models, with new ones joining the club every year. We've rounded up eight of the new battery-electric cars that will hit the U.S. market in 2015/16. Our list just covers battery electrics rather than conventional hybrids or fuel-cell vehicles.

  • Electric Car Tyres

    Electric Car Tyres – How Are They Different?

    A couple of weeks ago, we witnessed a potentially significant milestone in the further development of the electric cars industry. Elon Musk from Tesla Motors, famous for their much lauded S series of electric cars, announced that Tesla is relinquishing all their patents to help other companies potentially interested in electric cars manufacture. This will do miracles for the industry and the advent of electric cars seems imminent.

  • Engineering

    The Future of the Automotive Industry

    A survey conducted in the UK has revealed that 65% of motorists are planning on buying a more environmentally friendly vehicle the next time they are looking to purchase a brand new car. The majority of respondents blamed rising fuel prices for this decision; with a further 5% of stating that they had been forced off the road altogether.

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    Future Car Technologies

    New cars are being developed in order to make them more sustainable, safer, more energy efficient, and less polluting. These won't exactly be the cars we've seen in science-fiction movies, but they should be a big improvement over what we have today.