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    Jurassic Park: Sadly Realistic

    I know, I know—dinosaur fights, Unix systems, rapid breeding, clones that work better, not worse, than designed—it seems far-fetched to call this movie realistic. But the last time I had watched Jurassic Park was before I graduated high school. When I saw previews for the new sequel, I decided it was time to revisit this masterpiece, and realized it was a very different movie than I remembered.

  • Library photo by Timetrax23. License: CC BY-SA 2.0.

    5 Reasons Libraries Aren’t Dead Yet

    With the development of modern technology and nearly everyone using search engines such as Google to find information, it is surprising to walk down the street and find that the local library still remains open to the public for use. We tend to think of libraries solely as a center for books and encyclopedias from which we can spend hours doing research that may only take us minutes online.

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    Sharks Tanked: Alternatives As Tech Startup Funding Declines

    We’ve all heard of frugal individuals tightening their belts, but venture capitalists cut off circulation to their legs in 2012. Nationwide spending on startups dropped 10 percent in 2012, and the number of total deals dropped 6 percent, according to the quarterly Moneytree Report based on data supplied by Thompson Reuters. North Texas saw one of the most dramatic declines as venture funding dropped 79 percent and total deals fell 18 percent from 2011. The anti-climactic IPO of Facebook was one of the primary culprits in venture capitalists shying away from tech startups. But there is still plenty of money to be had out there and here we provide some…

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    Using Social Media for College Recruiting

    In the past, colleges seeking to recruit students spent a lot of money and time traveling to high schools, and sometimes conventions, all over their surrounding region. At the high schools or conventions, many were allowed to set up a table or a give a presentation promoting the college and interacting with potential recruits. Gas and planning expenses, as well as traveling salary for recruiters who often had other duties to fulfill at the office were extremely costly to colleges. There was also the expense of extensive promotional materials to catch the attention of students. The Impact of Social Media Social media created a new opportunity for colleges to save…