• Piano Lesson

    The Seven Facts That Prove Adults Are Great Piano Students

    Have you ever heard William Beecher and John Bernstein’s performance? The bassoonist and pianist duo have taken the world by storm with their performances. The bassoonist hails from Long Island, so you might just catch a live performance soon. Finding jazz performances and R&B grooves on Long Island is easy. Music is always in the air and spotting a live event with internationally acclaimed musicians is always a possibility. After all, Long Island has been home to numerous celebrity musicians over the last couple of decades. Maybe you have always wanted to learn a musical instrument but never found the time. Research shows that over 82% of adults who have…

  • Guitar Woman

    4 Undeniable Benefits of Online Guitar Lessons

    Music is food for the soul. Music is a platform where creativity is opened to another level through writing. To many, good music depends on the genre you listen to. Different genres have different rhythms, and rhythms are dictated by the instruments used. The quality of sound produced will often determine how the music will be perceived. This probably means being a pro at the instrument you play. Music can be made using different instruments.

  • Millennials

    Millennials Are Coming Into Leadership

    Ever since the term “millennial” began coming up in workplace conversations, organizations have struggled with how to define and adapt to this disruptive new addition to the workforce. Nevertheless, members of this generation have come of age, and the businesses that employ them are doing alright — in fact, some of those businesses are even beginning to promote these millennials into leadership and management positions. Larry Alton, writing for Forbes, believes that these millennials are indeed prepared to take on leadership roles. He lists three main reasons: Age and experience: Alton cites HBR to show that the average age of first time managers is 30. He also cites Pew Research…

  • Laptop Working Business

    New Skills to Learn for Your Business

    When you start to develop your own small business, there are a lot of things which you will need to be able to juggle. Starting up a business is probably one of the hardest things you will do in your life, however if you put the work into it, it can also be the most rewarding thing too. As an entrepreneur you will be responsible for building your business brick by brick from the ground up, and this will require gallons of coffee, lots of late nights and plenty of pizza. Building a business isn’t just about someone who is determined working hard and putting the hours in, you will…

  • NASA Heat Shield Technology. Photo by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. License: CC BY 2.0.
    News,  Space Exploration

    NASA Called College Students to Develop an Inflatable Heat Shield

    Who is NASA going to hire to create a vital component for an upcoming Mars mission? None other than the bright minds of our future – college and university students. That's right! NASA's Game Changing Development Program gave college students the chance to come up with unique ideas to generate lift. Sure, that's a fairly simple request, but your ideas will be used on cutting-edge, amazing spacecraft.

  • 3D Printer
    Graphic Design

    Is 3D Printing The Next Big Thing?

    With technology evolving everyday something like this doesn't come as a surprise. Everyday further advances in the technological world are being made and each one surpasses the previous one. Not long from now, something will be invented that would exceed this as well. However, till that time comes, 3D printing is something quite astonishing while people are saying this has revolutionized the technological world.

  • New Year's resolutions photo by mt 23. License: CC BY-SA 2.0.

    7 Most Rewarding New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

    At the end of one year and the start of another, millions of individuals resolve to be better — to lose weight, save more, and make other improvements to their lives — and to succeed in the coming months, businesses must do the exact same thing. The New Year is an excellent opportunity to make big changes to how your business operates, and you should take advantage of this annual fresh start to reevaluate your business decisions and craft new goals for your company.

  • Give Back
    Public Relations

    4 Ways Your Business Can Give Back

    If you own a small business or are the CEO of a major corporation, there are many ways you can use some of your profits and time to give back to the community. In addition to doing some good in the world, participating in philanthropic activities can help boost your company's reputation. Here are four of the best ways your business can give back to the community.

  • Business Education

    Four Benefits Of Accelerated Learning For Business Professionals

    Do you work in a business setting right now, or are you planning to change careers and become a business person? Maybe you even plan to start your own business, while you chase your entrepreneurial spirit. While you'll find arguments that people don't need a business degree, there are many things this type of degree can give you that are well worth going to school, no matter what your age.