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    The Best Wedding Accessories for Your Wedding Dress

    Quite indisputably, a wedding dress may be the first thing that guests would usually notice in a bride who’s walking down the aisle, but there indeed is no bridal look that looks complete without the help of a few wedding accessories. If you are a bride-to-be who fancies stealing the show on her wedding day, then it is imperative to add those seamless touches (classy wedding accessories) to the wedding dress in order to create an elegant wedding look. We have put forward a compiled list of 5 of our most favorite wedding accessories that will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that you look outstanding in your wedding gown…

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    5 Rules on How to Wear Long Dresses

    The maxi dress is one of the most versatile pieces in fashion right now. It can be worn dressed up or down. You can make it preppy or boho-chic, and you can do what you please with it. However, even though there are so many ways you can wear a maxi anymore, there are a few simple style rules that will help you elevate your look. Taking it from casual to classic is simpler than you might imagine, and these rules make it easy for you to take note of the small mistakes you might be making when you get dressed in the morning. The most important part of wearing…

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    Ways To Makeover Your Wardrobe For The New Year

    With a new year beginning, many people view this time as a fresh start in many aspects of their life. Some people want to lose weight, some want to find their dream job and others probably are looking for ways to reinvent their style with a new look. Since the holidays are not cheap with all of the gift giving involved, very few fashionistas have the financial resources to invest in an all new wardrobe. Luckily there are a few things that you can add to your wardrobe to give your clothes a fresh new look for the new year and a new you. Stripes It was evident by how…

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    5 Examples of Intriguing Wedding Fashion

    When it comes to weddings, many couples and families take the traditional route, but then others are more – experimental. And there are all sorts of different ways to approach your wedding day, depending on your personality and the circumstances of your marriage, so if keeping an open mind is your thing, here are a few examples of ways that you can do it. Considering that cultural makeup, avant garde dresses, themed bridesmaids or weddings, and the idea of a ‘public’ wedding are all far enough outside the norm to be considered unusual, it’s no surprise that these are often the targets of people looking to stick out and be…