• Mailbox Address

    5 Tips to Filing a Temporary Change of Address

    1. Visit a post office In order to file for a temporary change of address, you can visit your local post office where you can get the form, PS 3575. This form allows you to file for the change of address, and once signed, the post office makes the necessary arrangements. Filing for a change of address directly at the post office is easier if you reside close to the post office, and it helps you save on verification costs for online application. The only drawback, however, is, that some forms are misplaced and some applications can make it through for approval even without the required signatures. This makes the…

  • Renovations

    How to Market Your Remodeling Business Properly

    Marketing any sort of small business can be tough. In the world of remodeling, the fact is that you’ve probably got a dozen competitors in your area. Getting your voice heard above the din can be difficult. That doesn’t mean that you can’t market your business successfully and get the clients that you want and need to grow. It just means that you’re going to have to be smart and creative about how you market your remodeling business. Use this guide to learn more about how you can stand out in a crowded marketplace where consumers have more choices than ever. Understand Your Skills As a home remodeling franchisee, you…