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    Big Data’s Role in Healthcare

    While the American healthcare system is experiencing a tumultuous period, there is one thing that’s for sure about the state of the healthcare industry: big data is quickly changing it. SearchITOperations writer Carlos Casanova notes, “The past decade has seen a massive growth in data generation and that was before the internet of things (IoT) entered the equation.” The wealth of data we have recorded and stored presents plenty of opportunity but also many challenges. The need for data analysts has skyrocketed as we search for the best ways to utilize big data in the healthcare industry. While there are many applications for this data, processing and interpreting it all…

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    Healthcare Students – Data Management Is Important

    Preparations for medical school are no joke. In order to simply prepare (and be a competitive candidate) you need a strong academic background in biology and chemistry as well as supplementary courses such as psychology, physics, environmental health, etc. Performing at the top of the class is difficult enough, but there are other considerations to take into account including volunteer hours, independent projects, and MCAT studying. Amidst all of these preparations for medical school you still may have forgotten something. You many not have even considered the growing importance of electronic data management within the healthcare profession. Sure, adding one more thing to your already very full plate may seem…