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    How Media Companies Benefit from Data Lakes

    The ways in which we consume media have greatly changed over the years, with on-demand media becoming our main mode of entertainment. The best strategy for surviving in today’s digital age is to gather, compile, and analyze data about viewers’ watching habits in order to create better business strategies. With this in mind, let’s discuss the benefits that media companies can gain from using data lakes. What are data lakes? Essentially, data lakes are a kind of repository that can store large amounts of raw and unstructured data. This means that the data is stored in its native format and reconfigured into a new one only when you need to…

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    How Business Intelligence and Automation is Taking Over Marketing

    Since the internet made its transitions into the average household in the 90’s there has been an explosion of websites. Billions and billions of sites clutter the World Wide Web and amongst all this chaos are the millions upon millions of online stores. The noise coming from all retailers competing for attention has become deafening to most, hence the overwhelming popularity of software additions like ad blockers. If you are one of the many businesses competing in the online sphere, you have to start getting creative and playing smarter if you want any reasonable share of the online market. Technology is allowing companies, with the foresight to utilize it, to…

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    Manage Your Vehicles Easily with GPS Fleet Tracking

    Modern business models depend on data for business process analysis. In some instances, better analysis is achieved with large amounts of raw data. This intimidates some business owners because they cannot grasp what big data is all about. In truth, large volumes of various kinds of fleet data can contribute to better vehicle management. The information which can be gleaned from analysis would show driving styles which yield better fuel consumption; comparative data between different trucks, models, makes, engines, and fuels; driver efficiency; optimum routes given time of day; and a host of others. It all depends on what raw data is gathered and how it is analyzed. Why is…

  • Man with Google Glass photo by Karlis Dambrans. License: CC BY 2.0.
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    Google CIO Ben Fried: "Data Is Incredibly Important"

    Tech companies tend to focus on creating the next new and shiny big thing. Space-age gadgets and ingenious apps might get the headlines, but according to Google CIO Ben Fried, their importance pales in comparison to data. “People think about the next app or the next little bit of technology to solve the next problem,” Fried said recently in a Daily Telegraph interview, “but really the long-term benefits come from thinking about the importance of data, securing it, sharing it and governing it.” Fried’s philosophy certainly sheds light on why Google has become such a data mining powerhouse. Tools like Google Analytics are helping smaller companies understand who their customers are,…

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    The Hi-Tech World of Modern Sport

    The ideal of sporting competition is rooted in ideas of fair play and equality, with two individuals or teams pitting their wits and physical abilities against one another in order to find out who is superior. No doubt this is an ideal that still persists at sport's lower levels, in impromptu football games in the park or pick-up basketball games at the local court.