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    Fallout: The Consequences of a Data Breach

    Many organizations collect sensitive data and are responsible for appropriately protecting it. With new regulations like the EU’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the definitions of personal data have been greatly expanded, and the financial impacts of a data breach for an organization are significant.

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    What Should You Do as a Business for IT Struggles?

    Starting a business is everyone else’s dream. This is usually because the world’s richest men and women are never employed folk. They are in business, solving problems and getting paid for that. However, when your business develops IT problems or continues with unresolved problems, it becomes more of a flat tire that slows you down and you will never get anywhere with it. At one point, you will either to decide whether to prosper the business by solving these problems or drown into losses and oblivion. These are some of the most common IT problems businesses face and suggested solutions on how them. Cyber-security Cyber-security is a major concern for…

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    Business Technology and Tools to Survive 2019

    As 2019 looms ahead of us, businesses and organizations around the world are gearing up for another year of technological change, disruptive new trends, and innovative strategies. To make sure that they aren’t left out of the loop, large and small businesses alike are ramping up acquisitions in technology and tools that will keep them competitive for another rotation around the sun.

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    A Brief History of the Internet

    Remember dial-up internet? While we look at it today as an ancient concept, dial-up Internet was a significant step forward in a series of internet services that have contributed to what the internet is today — terrible screeching and all. While we all enjoy our smartphones, computers, and even reading this post, it is easy to overlook the series of technical achievements that provide us with these conveniences.

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    Tips on Improving the Safety and Connectivity of Your Business

    Digitization is taking over the world. For businesses, this means that it is crucial to stay up to date on the latest trends so that your workplace is appropriately tech-enhanced. Unfortunately, keeping up with the rapid evolution of technology is no easy feat. Having cutting edge work tech is not only expensive, but it also requires special maintenance. Upgraded digitization without proper precaution can result in major cyber security issues. Research shows that cyber crime damage costs are to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021 — and if past statistics are anything to go on, then you know that cyber attacks are a constantly growing threat. So why do it…

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    UK Sets Up New Dedicated Cybercrime Court in City of London

    One of the biggest issues of the future will be how to deal with all the new and sophisticated dangers that come with going digital. Most of our everyday activities are increasingly conducted online – from paying your bill to getting in touch with a friend, even to grocery shopping or watching a movie. Being able to do all those things means trusting online providers with your personal data, which often includes very important data like your banking details.

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    Why an SSL Certificate Is Important for Your Company Website

    Is the website secure? That’s the main thing customers are looking for in your website. As Internet is advancing by leaps and bounds, hackers are getting more and more sophisticated. To ensure the integrity and safety of your business information as well as personal details of the website visitors or customers and stay protected from these cyber criminals, it is of paramount importance to get an SSL Certificate installed.

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    5 Online Resources to Help Run Your Business

    Being a small business owner is no easy feat. After gathering the capital required to launch your company, filing the necessary paperwork to set its wheels in motion, and finally procuring your license to operate, you’re now tasked with making your small business succeed amongst a sea of competition. How do you prove to yourself and others that you have what it takes? One of the best strategies is to take advantage of the abundant amount of online resources available to small business owners such as yourself. Many of these tools and services are free, but if they’re not, they cost significantly less than the expense of hiring someone in-house…

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    Are You Sure You Can Identify a Scam When You See One?

    Don’t be a victim There’s always a scam for something or other out there, and we have to be vigilant not to fall for it, but are you sure you can identify them all the time? Usually, scams might only cost you a bit of money, or maybe a waste of your time; but what about when they cost you a whole lot more? There are often events where scams can ruin everything, which means you cannot be too careful when it comes to trusting the things you invest in. Don’t rush it If you’re buying things online, it’s easy to be impatient with the process. Whether it’s due to…