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    Real world resilience and why Shady Elhami says it matters in business

    There is nothing like a pandemic to test the mettle of individuals and the corporate world. Suddenly the word “resilience” became commonly used. There are now Tedx Talks about it, psychologists study it, and there is an abundance of articles from the likes of Forbes, Harvard and MIT. Powerhouse people have the concept at the forefront of their thoughts – and for good reason. Resilience holds a lot of weight. What if Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison quit after their first experiments with electricity failed? What would the world be like if the people who helped shape it through tireless effort had decided to quit after their first failure? “The power…

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    In 2020, a Giving Gap Emerges

    Annual reports from the US and Canada show overall declines in giving, primarily among middle-aged and young people, as well as increases in philanthropy among the wealthy. While millionaires and billionaires, especially in the US, gave away record-breaking sums of money to hundreds of different charities and nonprofit organizations, average residents decreased their giving in 2020. In the CanadaHelps.Org annual Giving Report, the surveyors said that “troubling declines in giving continue” and there are gaps of charitable giving between different demographics that remain troubling. However, the report also noted several positive trends outlined in this year’s report: The charity and nonprofit sectors are major employers, accounting for 10 percent of…

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    How to Improve Your Business During a Pandemic

    The pandemic has had effects on daily business operations. The need for effective, safe, and clear communication and information sharing has been on the rise for better business. Entrepreneurs should be innovative and resilient to accomplish their goals. Here are four ways to improve your business during a pandemic: Communications organization Communication during a pandemic plays a role in ensuring the smooth running of the business through virtual offices. There are many business solutions to help one operate their business virtually and securely. Data security is a factor that every business online must consider. Data breaches through cybercrimes can harm your business. Tools to organize mails, secure inboxes, and set…

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    5 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays During a Pandemic

    This year’s holiday season is posed to be strikingly different from those of years past. As we ride a third wave of COVID-19 to the end of 2020, many states will likely be (re)enforcing social mandates that restrict our gathering and, thus, dramatically change the way we are able to celebrate. However, all is not lost. There are still plenty of ways we can express our holiday spirit without having to physically interact with anyone. (After all, the holidays are about a lot more than large parties and gifts, right?!) Here are five ways you can spread virtual cheer and bring your family and friends together (figuratively, of course) over…

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    The Top 4 Franchises to Open During a Pandemic

    Are you a first-time business owner who is thinking of embarking on a new business venture amidst this pandemic? Launching a business at any time is scary if you are starting from scratch, but especially so when there is a pandemic threatening the economy with uncertainty. However, one way to manage this risk is to open a franchise business! If you are planning to launch a business during this pandemic, a franchise business is your best option. Keep reading as we introduce four franchise businesses that are thriving amidst the current pandemic and why you should invest in them today! Why Franchise? While many independent businesses have suffered unfortunate fates…

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    COVID-19 Changes To Preschools

    COVID-19 has created a very unpredictable world over the past few months. With businesses still closed, many employees working from home, and a lot of schools still presenting online classes, it’s no surprise that preschools will also be experiencing some kind of change. For the little ones, it can be hard to truly grasp the reasoning behind not playing in close contact with friends or hugging their family members. Yet somehow, preschools need to open their doors regardless. With technology on their side though, like an early years management system, preschools will be able to implement positive change in a fairly normal way. With management now automised, worrying about the…

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    Can You Bring a Claim for Contracting COVID at Work?

    With the Coronavirus rampaging throughout the world, it’s only normal for COVID 19 lawsuit cases to increase. While a significant chunk of these lawsuits is related to healthcare workers, almost any employee can build a claim if their employer is negligent. But with the situation still developing throughout the world, and many countries still having an unclear set of rules about how to handle situations like this, it can be kind of tricky. Yes, some workers can hold their employees liable and build a case, but in some cases, it’s either really hard or near impossible. Suppose you believe you’ve contracted Coronavirus because your employer didn’t provide the necessary protection…

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    Tips for Operating a Small Brick and Mortar Business During COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic has lead to financial strains in many brick and mortar businesses since they had to close in various states. They have a reason to be hopeful as governments seek to revive the economy. A lot of businesses look to reopen. However, the challenge ahead of them is to comply with strict health regulations for their customers and still conduct business as usual. Here are the critical steps you need to take. Observe Regular Hand Washing General hygiene practices are central to preventing the spread of COVID-19. Just like the health ministry has stressed many times, your hands are the most vulnerable due to the sense of touch.…

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    Why the Virus Isn’t the Only Health Concern Related to COVID-19

    As the death toll from the novel coronavirus continues to rise in the United States, it’s understandable that so much energy has been devoted to detailing the negative health effects the virus can cause, which could possibly include long-term respiratory problems in those who manage to survive it. But a new report is revealing another potentially tragic side to this pandemic — widespread mental health issues. Anxiety on the Rise Ann Steele, the chief author of the PsyDPrograms.org analysis, said her team’s analysis found that average positive daily screenings for severe anxiety rose by more than 34% between January and March 2020, as quarantines and stay-home orders began to go…

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    How Often Do You Need to Take a Blood Test and What Does It Show

    Blood tests are the most affordable way to know about your health status. “The Challenger figured out how often it’s worth taking it and what indicators to look out for. When you come to another city, the best way to learn more about it is to walk the streets and talk to locals. When you want to know more about your health, you can learn a lot from a blood test. After all, blood vessels function as streets in the body: they are used by “locals” – various cells and substances that can be used to judge the condition of the whole body. Today, hundreds of different blood tests and…