• Lasagna Italian Alpine Cuisine

    Alpine or Italian cuisine – a difficult choice

    Should we choose pizza, pasta or lasagna? Or maybe fondue, raclette or rösti? Anyone in the world who loves to eat would unmistakably recognize three popular representatives of Italian cuisine in the three dishes listed first. The other three culinary offerings are a greater mystery to some of the people, but actually these dishes have a thing in common and that is the fact that they are part of Alpine cuisine. However, it is clear to connoisseurs that both culinary traditions deserve a lot of attention, and choosing between Alpine or Italian cuisine is a difficult thing. You can make sure of this by visiting the Leonardo Restaurant and the…

  • Cooking Pasta Ingredients

    Recipe Rescue – 5 Cooking Hacks to Help Master Even the Most Challenging of Recipes

    It can be fun to play it fast and loose in the kitchen, using recipes as a vague guide while flowing to the beat of your own whisk. However, this can also result in some horrific (and inedible) cooking fails. If your cooking adventures are regularly turning into disasters, read on to discover the five essential steps to always getting the recipe right: 1. Get the Right Cookware Sometimes it can be fun to stretch your resourcefulness by coming up with clever ways to get around the fact that you don’t have the cookware a recipe calls for. However, when you’re elbows-deep in dough and the realization strikes that this…

  • Cookware

    Kitchen Masterclass – How to Choose the Perfect Cookware Set

    Whether you’re buying cookware for the very first time or are an experienced home cook looking for an upgrade, choosing the right cookware set can quickly get overwhelming. With so many brands, finishes, shapes, and sizes on the market, it can be difficult to come to a decision. However, the solution to this is pinpointing what you culinary  needs are before heading to the department store to make your purchase. As well as saving you the stress of reading label after label in the store, you can be confident in your investment and enjoy creating delicious meals for years to come. Without further ado, here’s what you should be looking…

  • Bread Ham Eggs

    Some of the Delicious High Protein Foods to Eat

    Considering a large number of health advantages related to high protein intake, it can be easily concluded that protein-rich foods are something that you just can’t miss in your diet. Being the building block of muscle tissues, proteins are responsible for improved body metabolism, better weight loss as well as elevated mood. Proteins are basically the chains of amino acids which repair the muscle tissues, thus ensuring proper muscle growth. At the same time, high protein intake helps to reduce the levels of hormones responsible for appetite, thus making you feel less likely to stuff your belly with more food and supporting the weight loss process as a result. This…

  • Fondant Cake

    It’s Time To Create The Fondant Design By Yourself

    The use of fondant is an excellent way to cover cakes and put a nice and smooth professional look. A lot of people still think is that fondant is used for covering the cake only and this is not true because fondant is used for decoration purpose also. If you don’t have time to make your own fondant cake, it will be always better to go for online cake delivery. Make flowers with fondant If you are really looking for a great way to dress up your cake, you can easily do it by making flowers and cutouts with the help of fondant. Decorating a cake with fondant made flowers…

  • Cooking Oil

    Common Cooking Oils Used the Right Way

    Time used to be when cooking was simple and uncomplicated — our parents would simply go to the grocery, pick stuff off the shelves, and whip up a delicious meal at home. These days, common food ingredients such as cooking oil have a dizzying variety. But rightly so, because cooking oil has been found to be one of the most vital foodstuff that affects our health in many aspects. In a way, it’s great that there is a ton of choices in the market today when it comes to cooking oils. This gives consumers a wide variety of options for achieving the right flavors and providing their family with healthy…

  • Microwave

    Make Cooking Easier and Quicker with the Best Modern Appliances

    Once upon a time, people used to cook with raw oven. Even, in the primitive age, people used to prepare food with the firewood. It was a completely natural process. At that time, there was no use of technology, so people used to assist themselves according to that present situation. But now the scene has changed, and people have got to touch several new instruments which help them in different ways. The most recent inventions of science, deliver us various things which we might never imagine before. This is the blessing of science. It does not keep its invention in a particular side rather it scatters its inventions in different…

  • Breadmaker

    3 Best Bread Machines Review

    Who does not like the smell of freshly baked bread? Everyone loves them. In fact, whenever you pass a bakery you feel like going inside and buying bread because of this delicious aroma. Now, the same aroma can be part of your kitchen if you opt to buy a bread machine. Bread machine or bread makers as they are known are a must for every kitchen. If you want fresh bread or if you want to eat healthy bread then you should opt for a bread maker. Initially these bread makers used to be costly and not everyone could afford them but over time and with many manufacturers in the…

  • Vegan Pasta
    Cooking,  Healthy Eating

    15 Vegan Pasta Recipe Tips

    Italy is celebrated most probably for its cuisine and pasta is one of our favorites. It doesn’t matter if you used a pasta maker to make it yourself at home, there’s nothing that is comparable with freshly-made, delicious pasta served with velvety sauces and colorful veggies.  I think cooking pasta is, in fact, one of the easiest and quickest things on this planet. Besides, in the different shapes and sizes most pasta come in, a lot of creativity also goes in when making the best pasta recipes. The perfect pasta is incomplete without any meat or sauces in it, but what if I tell you can get equally delighted with…

  • Cooking Soup Vegetables Knife

    What’s Cooking for Dinner

    Every mom knows that preparing a meal is difficult, moreover, the fact that you will be serving for your exhausted family. Another factor that makes it tricky, is finding time to put in order a scrumptious course. Even though having your own business allows you to manage your own time, it is not easy to be a cooking entrepreneur. You need to put either task first and everybody—not just moms—know how hard it is to handle a priority list. If however you choose to make dinner first, I have a few tips on how to save time in cooking. First, when you have spare time in the day, make a…