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    How Saltwater-Generated Chlorine Keeps You Safe

    The popularity of saltwater pools has grown exponentially in the last two decades. However, many people still don’t understand how they work or why they might be the preferred choice for pool owners. To better understand how saltwater-generated chlorine in pools can keep you safe and improve your pool experience, you first have to understand how saltwater pools are different from traditional swimming pools. How Traditionally-Chlorinated Pools Work In traditional swimming pools, chlorine tablets, liquid chlorine, and other chemicals are used to treat the water. When added to the water, liquid chlorine and chlorine tablets breakdown into other chemicals, like hypochlorous acid. These chemicals do their job of killing bacteria…

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    Top 5 Clean-gredients For Your Home

    Today’s common individual is becoming more and more aware of the many harmful chemicals contained in most of the top household cleaning products we buy. With GMOs and what constitutes an “organic” product becoming the talk of the nation, the cleaning products we bring into our homes are not being granted a free pass. The road to keeping your family’s health and wellbeing safe means granting your mind awareness. Here is a brief look at a few of the safest clean-gredients for your everyday sanitation needs. To polysorbate or not to polysorbate Polysorbate an ingredient in many household supplies which is at the head of many controversial arguments when it…

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    Invisible Dangers To Watch Out For In Your Home

    You work so hard to protect and provide comfort and safety for your family. You make sure everyone has the best quality foods, plenty of exercise, and lots of quality sleep to keep your family’s health in check. You even “baby-proofed” your home for every new family member. The problem is that some dangers are not so clearcut. You may work your tail off trying to provide a safe and healthy home for your family, but the invisible dangers in the home may still catch you by surprise. Keeping yourself educated and well informed is your best tool against those domestic dangers you cannot see. Start learning now, and read…

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    New Risks Come To Light On 9/11 Anniversary

    Almost at the same time as millions of Americans paused to remember the worst act of domestic terrorism in the country’s history, researchers at NYU warned New Yorkers, and others, about the dangers of perfluoroalkyl-laced dust that flooded most of Manhattan and much of the Bronx on that fateful day. So far, many 9/11-related injuries have been trauma wounds from falling debris or psychological wounds due to the nature of the events. However, not all the dangers are that apparent. Much of the plastics in the electronics and furniture inside the World Trade Center had high amounts of perfluorooctanoic acid, a once widely-used chemical that made these materials more flexible.…

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    How to Make Your Home Healthier and Safer

    A greener and eco-friendly environment is what every parent wants to leave for the next generation. The best part is that it is attainable and not something that will cost you a fortune. All you have to do is make few changes either in your lifestyle or the manner in which you have been living in your nest all these years. So, let us find out how you can make this very ‘nest’ of yours a much more safer and healthier place to live in not just for the youngsters but also for the elderly. Tips to transform your home into a safe haven The measures mentioned below are not…