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    5 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays During a Pandemic

    This year’s holiday season is posed to be strikingly different from those of years past. As we ride a third wave of COVID-19 to the end of 2020, many states will likely be (re)enforcing social mandates that restrict our gathering and, thus, dramatically change the way we are able to celebrate. However, all is not lost. There are still plenty of ways we can express our holiday spirit without having to physically interact with anyone.

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    How to Deliver Modern Customer Experience with Chatbots?

    Today, customers interact with brands in more ways than ever, across unique channels, devices, and time zones. While technology and automation have obviously taken businesses to the next level and made the modern customer experience much noisier. Multiple customer interactions happen 24×7, and many fly below the radar. Bain & Company survey found out that 80% of businesses had delivered “superior customer experience.” In this age of hyper connectivity, brands can engage their customers in more innovative ways to go beyond their expectations and deliver great customer experience. Here are 6 different ways to deliver a modern customer experience. 1. Use Automation “Chatbots are making their way into the landscape…

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    8 Tips to Increase Your E-Commerce Website Conversions

    Nothing makes a convivial event as great as a well-planned advertisement campaign. E-commerce retailers must use the opportunity that arises with time in order to roll out discounts to customers. Keeping some important e-commerce website conversion tips will certainly help. 8 tips to increase your e-commerce website conversions 1. Promotion across various channels: Customers look for value. You can boost conversion rates by focusing and providing value to your customers through various channels. You can inform your subscribers through a newsletter or social media channels. This is one of the perfect ideas to create a buzz about an upcoming event, holiday or new launch. For promoting or marketing the event…

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    Business Technology and Tools to Survive 2019

    As 2019 looms ahead of us, businesses and organizations around the world are gearing up for another year of technological change, disruptive new trends, and innovative strategies. To make sure that they aren’t left out of the loop, large and small businesses alike are ramping up acquisitions in technology and tools that will keep them competitive for another rotation around the sun.

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    Anticipating Customer Needs on Your Website

    Are you one of the 53 percent of U.S. adults who tend to abandon their online order if you can’t find a quick answer to your question? The truth is most people want to be able to easily find what they are looking for without having to pick up the phone to ask their question. How do you give people what they want when they visit your website? You anticipate their needs! If you can predict what questions they may have, you’re not only being helpful, you’re potentially turning visitors into customers, avoiding complaints, and improving conversion rates. You’re thinking like your customers and optimizing your website. How do you…

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    How to Grow a Socializing App Business?

    There are not many people in this world who have not been exposed to the social media one way or the other, but most people who have been exposed do not give a lot of thought to the people who actually benefit from running services such as mobile chat rooms for you. This article will discuss the growth prospects of socializing app businesses, and how business goals can be achieved. We shall first discuss the need to grow these businesses. The Need Like any other business, a socializing app is just another mouth to feed for the worldwide web if it does not gather a market which starts incorporating the…

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    An Introduction to Twitter Chats

    Twitter Chats are a great way to make connections and gain influence in your field or among people with shared interests. Participants in these chats act as community members by answering each other's questions and helping solve problems. Getting started can be intimidating, but it is actually quite simple.