• Electric Car Charging Station
    Green Technology

    Going Green: 5 Things to Do Before Getting an Electric Vehicle

    There are a number of vehicle choices on today’s market, from economy cars to hybrids and even fully electric vehicles. While fully electric vehicles are fantastic both for you and for the environment, it is not just as simple as buying a new car and driving it home. To really be prepared for a fully electric vehicle you need to take some important steps too. Some of those steps will depend on the brand and model of vehicle you are purchasing. Here are five things you need to do before you purchase an electric vehicle. Get a Home Charger Obviously if you are going to drive a fully electric vehicle,…

  • Apple Watch IPhone MacBook

    Basic MacBook Accessories You Should Have

    A MacBook is a versatile piece of portable technology. Out of the box, on its own, the MacBook has features that are enough for the average owner. However, for tech enthusiasts and power users, there’s always something new to improve the capabilities of an existing gadget. A Protective Casing Your MacBook can easily be damaged by bumps or drops, so your first accessory for it should be a protective case or sleeve. Good-quality MacBook Air cases and even ones for MacBook Pro are plentiful and easily available at the popular online marketplaces, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that suits your needs. These items can be as rugged…

  • Cell Phone Accessories

    4 Must-Have Cell Phone Accessories

    Most cell phone consumers concentrate on the processing power of the newest and shiniest phones. However, after you get the newest phone, there is a myriad of accessories to choose from. Since not nearly as much importance is put on cell phone accessories compared to the phones' functions themselves, you're left wondering what's great and what you can live without.