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    What Cancer Patients Need to Know About COVID-19

    Billions of people around the world have changed their everyday habits as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic. For many people that means working from home, home-schooling their children or avoiding public places so they can reduce their risk of exposure to the highly contagious virus. But for those who already had major health problems, such as cancer, before the pandemic spread across the world, the risk of contracting COVID-19 is a particularly potent worry. While it’s still relatively early in the lifecycle of the new coronavirus, studies have indicated that certain cancer patients could be at elevated risk of death if they were to contract COVID-19. COVID-19 and…

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    5 Ways to Check for Any Signs of Dental Health Problems

    Did you know that dental health problems are often directly related to or can lead to other health issues? By caring for your teeth, you are providing preventative care to your overall health. Here are five ways to check for dental health problems that can add years to your life and save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential medical expenses. Gum Disease Gum disease, often referred to as periodontal disease, affects the tissue that is responsible for holding your teeth permanently in place, and both adults and kids are at risk. It develops when you do not have a daily oral health care routine, such as brushing and…

  • Wheatgrass

    Wheatgrass – an Outstanding Source of Minerals and Vitamins

    You must have heard about wheatgrass in the market. This is a common dietary supplement that can lead to outstanding benefits on the human body. The list of potential advantages cannot be completed in one page. But below, we have tried to come up with the important benefits of using this natural product. This can be said as the gift of God for a human being. Without further ado, let’s give a start. Excellent source of minerals and vitamins Wheatgrass is really no doubt an excellent source of minerals and vitamins. It is enriched with vitamin A, E and C. Calcium, magnesium, iron and amino acids are also found in…

  • Lungs

    The Types of Lung Cancer

    Lung cancer is a risk that everybody faces. It affects people of all ages, all races and both men and women. It can be one of the most difficult forms of cancer to avoid because the causes are in the very air we breathe. But knowing the causes of lung cancer and which type you particularly are most at risk for, can greatly help you because then you know what to avoid to reduce your risk. Causes Of Lung Cancer Lung cancers are caused by a mixture of factors in a person’s life. They manifest when there has been excessive damage to the lung cells and these cells have mutated…

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    Asbestos – All You Need to Know

    Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral substance which can turn into a fluffy consistency. The fibres present in the asbestos are flexible and soft but resistant to chemical corrosion, electricity and heat. Pure asbestos is an effective insulator which can be mixed into plastic, cement, paper, cloth and other materials to make it stronger. At one point in time, these qualities made asbestos highly profitable for a construction business yet they unfortunately also make the asbestos extremely toxic. You can find asbestos at home, but where? Exposure to asbestos no matter what the amount is not safe, however, it will have the worst effects especially when an individual is exposed…

  • Standing Desk

    Why You Should Be Using a Stand Up Desk

    Most Americans sit for almost six hours per day, and that much sitting is not good for our health! Sitting for prolonged periods is thought to contribute to a huge number of negative health effects, so we are being encouraged to find more ways to move around. Whether that is taking short breaks, exercising, or just standing more at work. Indeed, one recent trend is for the ‘standing desk’ this is a desk that will allow workers to do their usual office job, while standing up. Standing desk designs vary from ‘high tables’ to more sophisticated adjustable desks that let you switch from sitting to standing with relative ease. The…

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    Your Body, Your Health – Your Responsibility!

    We all want to live healthy, long lives – no one wants their time to be cut short and to lose out on seeing their loved ones. No one wants to suffer or live in pain. However, some of the things that we do (or in some cases, don’t do) in life can cause exactly this. If you want to live a healthier life, here are some things you should be doing Attending Relevant Health Screenings Fourteen million new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year, and research suggests that one in two people born after 1962 will get cancer at some point in their lives. However, with advancing medicine…

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    Vegans Live Longer! And Other Reasons to Embrace a Plant Based Diet

    Those of us with kids want to ensure that they grow up to be healthy and happy adults long after we’re gone. That said, we also want to ensure that we live to share as much of their journey with them as possible. Of course, a long and healthy life cannot be achieved by positive thought and willpower alone. While we’ve known for some time that an over reliance on alcohol, cigarettes and processed foods that are high in sodium, sugar and saturated fats can shorten our lifespans it’s only fairly recently that studies have shown that an entirely plant based diet can help you to live longer. Of course,…

  • Keto Diet

    Are You Contemplating Keto Diet? Learn the Benefits

    Ketogenic diet is one of high fat and low carb. The primary aim of this diet is to boost the body’s ability to burn natural fats. Normally, the diet is also associated with low intake of proteins, especially for those starting. But how does this diet work? When your body is in ketogenic state, it produces ketone, an alternative energy source to glucose. By consuming low amounts of carbs and being lean on proteins, the liver is forced to use fats for fuel. There is also reduction in the insulin levels in one’s body. For beginners who observe the diet strictly, the Ketogenic diet offers several benefits, some of which…

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    Minimize the Risk of Harmful UV Radiation by Opting for Sunless Tanning

    Many of us our blessed with the right skin tone and do not require a tan. The other halves who are fair skinned would bask out in the sun to get the desired tone. If you have sensitive skin, then prolonged hours in the sun can also cause sun burns or other skin infections that require a lot time to get cured. So, the safe alternative here would be to opt for sunless tanning. Glow Naturally Through Sunless Tanning If you do your homework, you might come across many methods and techniques for sunless tanning. You might need to dive in depth to understand each and every method available and…