• Fondant Cake

    It’s Time To Create The Fondant Design By Yourself

    The use of fondant is an excellent way to cover cakes and put a nice and smooth professional look. A lot of people still think is that fondant is used for covering the cake only and this is not true because fondant is used for decoration purpose also. If you don’t have time to make your own fondant cake, it will be always better to go for online cake delivery. Make flowers with fondant If you are really looking for a great way to dress up your cake, you can easily do it by making flowers and cutouts with the help of fondant. Decorating a cake with fondant made flowers…

  • Birthday Cake

    Amaze Your Boyfriend on His Birthday with These DIY Birthday Gifts

    Whether you have been dating your boyfriend for a month or a year, shopping a perfect birthday gift for him is always difficult. Isn’t it? If your boyfriend’s birthday is approaching and you haven’t found a perfect birthday gift for him yet then, fret not because you can make a DIY birthday gift for your boyfriend that he will remember for the years to come. Here are six easy and amazing DIY birthday gifts for your boyfriend that will demonstrate your love for him in the most beautiful way: Booze And Candy Cake Your boyfriend’s birthday cannot be complete without a delicious cake so, surprise him with this amazing booze…

  • Cheesecake

    Same day Cakes for Instant Happiness without any Delay

    Individuals go crazy and high for somebody who is going to have similar tastes. It is the greatest day of the year to express your adoration and it can't get winded up without a bit of cake. There are such a significant number of enhanced cakes to express your thick feeling of affection for the general population. Here are some uncommon cakes which can be requested on day of the love of the year with no reasoning.

  • Wedding Dress Flowers

    Hottest Wedding Trends in 2017

    2017 has not finished yet as well as a wedding season. You still have plenty of time to use the trends we're going to talk about for your future wedding. So, sit back, relax, take a pen, and make a note. Today we're going to discuss the hottest wedding trends of 2017 every bride should be aware of. So, let's get started.

  • English Fish And Chips
    Cooking,  Dessert,  Snack

    Cheers at Your Next Party: 8 Delicious British Snacks to Share With Your Hunky-Dory Mates

    British food often gets a bad rap, and it certainly lacks the glamour of French or Italian food. The unfortunate names of some items probably don’t help. “Spotted dick,” to pick an extreme example, sounds revolting, but it is actually a perfectly good desert. “Toad in the hole” also sounds less than appetizing. Many British foods have endured and been enjoyed for generations, which would not be the case if they weren’t actually quite tasty. Here is a list of British snacks worth serving at a get-together. 1. Chelsea Buns A popular mid-morning snack, Chelsea buns can be eaten any time. They resemble cinnamon buns, but are sticky rather than…