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    How to Dress Business Appropriate During the Warmest Time of the Year

    It’s mid-August, the sun is scorching the pavement and your skin, and it’s reached 96 degrees outside. And you’re expected to show up to work everyday in business attire. You never thought you’d find yourself turning down coffee, but your body temperature has already risen unbearably high under your layers of clothes during that short walk from your car to the front doors of the office building. You thought you were excited for the summer heat. You even brought summer to your cubicle as you eagerly awaited these warmer months. But let’s face it, fall can arrive at any time now. I have some good news for you; you can…

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    Great Tips on How to Look like a Professional

    Regardless of what you were taught, in the world of business, appearance definitely matters. You need to inspire trust in your clients, and you need to make them feel pleasant. Most importantly, if you manage to send the message that you are someone who cares about his/her looks, you are more likely to convince people that you also care about your business.