• Digital Signage

    Tips for Choosing the Best Digital Signage Templates

    In addition to giving your brand visual identity, using the best digital signage templates communicates your products to your clientele. You achieve this by optimizing your signage for the best readability through various design elements such as colors, structure, orientation, and text among others. Note that designing digital signage templates is a task best left to professionals, and it is advisable to hire a good designer for the best results. The following are some guidelines used in designing digital signage templates: 1. Structure your template using rows, columns and categories Structured menu content is easily understood by customers, making it is easy for them to decide what to order. For…

  • Entrepeneurship

    How to Make Your Product Sell Itself by Understanding Customer Psyche

    How often have we heard this phrase from marketing gurus that we need to build and package a product in such a way that it sells itself? Is this actually possible? According to various psychological and marketing case studies prepared by researchers from Vanderbilt University, Wharton and others, there are a number of emotional and psychological factors at play when the consumer is out checking your product out. By making use of the right strategies, you can in fact make your product sell itself. Here are some tips on how to do this. 1. Make Your Product Premium If you are not in a business that has been commoditized, then…

  • Management Tips

    The Importance of Listening to Collective Wisdom

    How well you observe people as they interact with various technologies determines your ability to take stock of how they experience products, services, and the beneficial solutions they find in them. Consumers take to innovative products and services positively with an amazing amount of appreciation reflected in the way they patronize, perpetuate the value promise, and even “advertise” them for other consumers to experience. In the process, consumers become distributors of marketing information relevant to the ongoing retail cycle. Your mastery of reading through the way people in organizations solve problems, sustain brand beliefs, or find business solutions in agreement with corporate growth and profitability also determines your continued success…