• Toddler Reading Book

    Encouraging a Love of Reading in Your Toddler

    A life-long love affair with reading often leads to exceptional educational opportunities for children. Kids who are read to as toddlers develop reading skills earlier, tend to be more inquisitive, and have a strong foundation for higher learning skills. Not every child grows up to be an avid reader, but if you start reading to your children when they’re just babies and toddlers, they are more likely to read as adults.

  • Boy Reading Books

    The Time to Start Reading to Your Child Is Now

    If you were a young reader yourself, you might already understand the value of learning to read sooner rather than later — but if you aren’t, on the other hand, you might be unaware of what kind of benefits your kids can gain the sooner you start reading to them. This is different than the type of reading you do when you scroll through Facebook or Twitter; this is the type of imaginative reading that takes you on a journey! It All Starts With the Picture Book Children of any age can start building healthy reading habits with simple picture and board books. However, the younger your child, the better…

  • Vatican
    Astronomy,  News

    Space Technology Will Protect the Vatican’s Treasures

    New space technology isn't just for traveling into the cosmos — these innovations have applications on earth, as well. Medicine, transportation, public safety, computers and agriculture are some of the industries that have made progress by applying space technology. Also on that list: The Catholic Church. The Vatican has partnered with the European Space Agency (ESA) to preserve religious and cultural manuscripts, documents and books.

  • Dinner Meal Table Wine

    The Holiday Survival Guide

    The drums are already rumbling and the holiday preparations have begun. Dates are already being etched into diaries and times are being negotiated. The Holiday season is almost upon us and with it come the expectations of relaxation, fun, spirit and cheer. We get swept up in it. We can’t seem to help it. Of course, we want it all to work out. We don’t mind spending the money. We’ll enjoy the build up and with it we will look forward to our families, friends and in-laws. It’s easy to forget though that this often leads to us feeling burned out, washed out, broke and a little bit over it.…

  • Library photo by Timetrax23. License: CC BY-SA 2.0.

    5 Reasons Libraries Aren’t Dead Yet

    With the development of modern technology and nearly everyone using search engines such as Google to find information, it is surprising to walk down the street and find that the local library still remains open to the public for use. We tend to think of libraries solely as a center for books and encyclopedias from which we can spend hours doing research that may only take us minutes online.