• Lock Screen Security

    Simple and Easy Ways to Keep Your Smartphone and Data Protected

    Keeping your phone safe is imperative. While we have come to depend on smart technology, it’s important to remember that our phones contain a raft of personal information. If this data or information were to get into the wrong hands, it could have a severe impact on our reputation. But, worse, it could leave us susceptible to information theft and fraud. Now, our phones don’t just contain information from emails. We use our phones for banking and other financial transactions. When it comes to keeping your smartphone safe, there are some easy and simple ways that you can do this. Lock Screen Security Even leaving your phone unattended for a…

  • Cell Phone Accessories

    4 Must-Have Cell Phone Accessories

    Most cell phone consumers concentrate on the processing power of the newest and shiniest phones. However, after you get the newest phone, there is a myriad of accessories to choose from. Since not nearly as much importance is put on cell phone accessories compared to the phones' functions themselves, you're left wondering what's great and what you can live without.