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    Real Estate

    Benefits of Emerging Technologies in Real Estate

    Real estate is widely regarded as one of the last industries to embrace technology. Realtor lock boxes that facilitated home showings were once viewed as cutting edge. Now, many homes are being purchased sight unseen, something previous generations would have regarded as ludicrous. Baby Boomers liked to kick the tires before purchasing a vehicle and some even wanted to crawl beneath a house to check for any structural issues and signs of termites before making the purchase, believing their own eyes over even a home inspector. The industry has been changing incrementally for decades. Before long, home inspections became commonplace and a certification process for inspectors was established in the…

  • Blockchain

    The Blockchain and The Byzantine Generals Problem

    Twenty years ago, nobody would have predicted the impact that a popularized global information network would have on society–and even though the internet has only been around for a little over two decades, we still have yet to max out its potential, with wearables, connected home devices, and other Internet of Things (IoT) components just recently becoming popular. Nevertheless our dependence on the worldwide web is easily demonstrated. For example, in 2014, it was calculated that $1.2 million dollars worth of business was done every 30 seconds online, and Pew Research released a report showing that only about 13 percent of Americans don’t use the internet. You would think that…