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    Tips on Improving the Safety and Connectivity of Your Business

    Digitization is taking over the world. For businesses, this means that it is crucial to stay up to date on the latest trends so that your workplace is appropriately tech-enhanced. Unfortunately, keeping up with the rapid evolution of technology is no easy feat. Having cutting edge work tech is not only expensive, but it also requires special maintenance. Upgraded digitization without proper precaution can result in major cyber security issues. Research shows that cyber crime damage costs are to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021 — and if past statistics are anything to go on, then you know that cyber attacks are a constantly growing threat. So why do it…

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    Necessary Software Tools for Small Business Owners

    As a small business owner, you are probably faced with at least one ad or email per day telling you to use this product or that to vault you into the next level of success. Promises of super success, stellar organization, and more plague your every digital move, and it’s ludicrous to believe you’ll ever have time to go through every detail. As an entrepreneur, you’re busy, and busy is most likely an understatement. We’ve got your back. Just read through a brief overview of some of the most necessary software tools for small business owners, and you’re direction will be clear. Get that money If you plan to make…

  • Data Storage Devices
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    13 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Data Backups

    When it comes to businesses and data backups, there is far too much misinformation out there. Even the most knowledgeable business owners make rookie mistakes when it comes to handling data backups, and it is because of their misconceptions about how the process works. That is why we want to clear up thirteen of the biggest data backup myths that we have been reading about in recent months. 1. Backup Vendors are all Alike When you are choosing a backup vendor, you need to consider so many different things. You need a backup vendor that offers a full stream of services if you want a solution that is reliable and…

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    Six Things to Keep in Mind When Rooting Your Phone

    If you are even slightly interested in technology and its modifications on a geeky level, chances are that you are tempted by the idea of rooting your phone. It’s really not that surprising considering the kind of benefits you get with such a simple process, you can vastly increase your battery life and the speed of your phone, you can get access to many apps which were previously deemed incompatible with your phone type and you may even get upgrades for your device before they are even released. Unsurprisingly though, so many benefits also come with a price. There are some measures you need to take and some things to…

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    Jumpstarting with a WordPress Web Design Business – the Steps to Take

    Are you someone who is looking forward to jumpstarting into your personal WordPress business of web designing? There are many with the dream of starting their own WordPress business but most of them are not aware of the steps to take. Besides lots of hard work, dedication and patience which are all necessary for starting a web design business, there are many other steps that you need to take in order t successfully start off your business. If you’re someone who is trying to get the heck of it, here are few steps that you should take into account. 1. Accounting set up and business For the success of your…

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    Tips For Avoiding Technical Difficulties With Your Business

    Most businesses these days require technology on some level or another. It is rare to find a business that doesn’t have the use for a computer, telephone, credit card machine, or even cash register.  When any of these things becomes unreliable, our business can come to a halt causing frustrated customers, and loss of income. It is important to always prepare yourself for any technical challenges that may come your way by taking the proper precautions. Here are some of the best tips for avoiding technical difficulties with your business: Run Frequent Inspections It is important to have an understanding and grasp of the current state of your technology.  By…

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    BYOD Is the Hot New Business Trend, But Is it Safe?

    BYOD. It means “bring your own device” to work. Successful businesses understand the benefit of allowing for personal devices in the workplace. BYOD means businesses are spending less on hardware because the employee is providing their own. And, the Good Technology State of BYOD Report found that employees are happy to supply their own devices. This is likely due to a preference for their personal devices, which often times are actually more feature-rich compared to the lacking features of bulk equipment. Businesses that furnish equipment to their employees often have to think about budget first and features second, but BYOD eliminates this from the equation. Unfortunately, the BYOD model isn’t…

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    How to Prepare Your Business and Home for Disaster Related Storage

    Natural disasters have been shown to have increased in the recent past, possibly because of climate change that has consequently resulted in more tornadoes, hurricanes, mudslides, floods and fires. You can be a victim of these disasters. Are you prepared? The following storage tips will help you prepare for such disasters: Climate control storage systems If your home or your business deals with many electronics as well as crucial data in paper, you may consider having a climate-controlled storage system. This maintains the temperature at a range of 55–85 degrees Fahrenheit ensuring stability of humidity. Metallic industrial equipment at this humidity will be prevented from rusting and this will also…

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    Don’t Let Valuable Company Data Get Lost – Protect It With a Battery Backup

    Now that technology has become so pervasive in our personal and professional lives, it's easy to ignore just how much we all rely on it – including your company. If you're in the business of industrial automation, telecommunication, or data collection, your business depends upon computers and their databases running constantly. But how can you expect them to work should an unexpected power outage interrupt your power supply.

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    Did you Backup your Computer Today?

    When was the last time you backed up your computer? Last week? Last year? Never? A good backup plan can save your tail, but for some, this realization comes too little too late, and they're left scrambling to recover crucial files. Consider this: only 50% of all enterprises back up their computers to some form of endpoint backup.